Japanese Fashions

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Japanese Fashion

Do you like Japanese fashions? Today, I will talk about Japanese fashion. Japanese fashion have many kinds. For example, pretty style, cool style, simple style, Gothic and Lolita, Cosplay and so on. However, these are many kind of fashion magazine in Japan. For example, Seventeen, Can Cam, Very, non-no and so on. These are famous Japanese fashion magazines. Many cute clothes are inserted in this magazine. Japanese fashion magazines are very popular in all over the world.
First, I am going to talk about Seventeen. This is a one of the Japanese fashion magazine. It is a magazine for high school students. My sister is high school student, so she usually buy this magazine. Many clothes for teenage girls are inserted in this magazine. Many popular models wear many clothes. Recent fashions are check shirts, long length skirts and long length jackets. This magazine recommend these fashions. This magazine serve as a useful reference.
Second, I will introduce about Can Cam. Do you know the magazine? This magazine is monthly fashion magazine for woman. This magazine is a female oriented fashion magazine in its early twenties. This magazine’s main characteristic is “mecha-mote style (めちゃモテ スタイル)”. It means very popular among boys and girls. One the other hand, this magazine insert with a focus on “pretty”, and insert “neat and clean style”, “cool style”. This magazine serve as a useful reference too. This magazine is made for women in their twenties. It is very famous magazine.
Japanese people are very fashionable. They have unique fashion sense. It is very interesting. I like Japanese fashions. Japanese people select many clothes of their choice. Japan has long history of clothes. Japanese people worn the kimono until Edo period. Kimono is most famous Japanese clothes. Now, Japanese people usually don’t wear kimono. We will wear the kimono when we cerebrate coming age day. And one of the famous Japanese clothes is yukata. The yukata is easily to wearing of kimono. We often wear the yukata when we go to festival. These are one of the traditional Japan. The post-war years have seen tremendous changed in Japanese clothes. I think it is very interesting. Japanese fashion draw influence from foreign countries fashions, but Japanese fashion has many unique point, so I think these are one of the Japanese good point. I like Japanese fashions. Do you like Japanese fashions? And what do you think Japanese fashions? Thank you for the reading.

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