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by fisherman on December 8, 2014 - 1:07am

Since Japan has four seasons, we have several fashions for each season. My favorite is summer. You will see why I love Japanese summer if you visit here in “Obon”. Obon is one of Japan’s most well-known holidays. It can translate to mean The Lantern Festival or The Festival of the Dead. Essentially, Obon is a day to honor those who have passed away. During the Obon, we usually have many summer festivals all over Japan. It’s “cool” to attend those festivals with wearing Yukata, that’s the Japanese fashion what I want to introduce to you.
If you attend a Japanese summer festival, you'll find yourself in a sea of people wearing Yukata. You may feel left out if you don't give it a try. Yukata are casual summer kimono made of cotton. They're inexpensive and easy to wear. Young women usually wear brightly colored Yukata with eye-catching patterns. Older women may wear reserved, elegant patterns. It is a type of traditional kimono, but more casual than conventional kimono. Wearing Yukata was popular among young women for dressing up to go out to special summer events such as firework displays or bon-odoridance festivals originally. In recent years, men started wearing Yukata too, so Yukata are now worn by both men and women. Men's designs tend to be simple dark colors.
Yukata are often provided in Japanese hotel rooms and Ryokan. At a Ryokan, it's usually okay to wear the Yukata in public areas. Hotels may discourage guests from wearing Yukata to dinner or in the lobby. It's usually okay to wear Yukata to the hotel's onsen. Check the rules before wearing hotel Yukata outside your room. Hotel Yukata are tied with a simple belt rather than an obi. They often come with a robe-like jacket known as a haori for additional warmth.
Yukata are informal, festive clothing that are worn to matsuri, fireworks, hanami and other spring or summer events. Unlike kimono, they're not worn in cold weather. Yukata are extremely popular in Japan. It's common for the majority of spectators and participants at summer events to wear some form of traditional clothing. People in Japan tend to be nostalgic about Yukata. They remind everyone of summers past. When you go to Bon-Odori festival, you will hear the sound of Japanese summer might which says “karan-koron”. This is the sound created by Geta that is Japanese traditional shoos wearing with Kimono usually. This “karan-koron” sound really reminds me a night of summer. Please come and experience a summer night in Japan.


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