Japanese Fashion

by rain on December 1, 2014 - 1:52am

Japanese fashion
I am going talk about Japanese Fashion. Have you ever came in Japan?? I think that japan have a lot of various fashion. I like clothes so much. I enjoying that choice clothes on tomorrow. Today, I introduce about Japanese trend fashion and Japanese Cosupure (costume play), and Harajyuku fashion.
Recently in japan, all most ladies who wear looks like same clothes, because ladies who wear shirt in pants or skirt. Me too. It is one of the Japanese trend fashion.
Next, I introduce about Japanese KOSUPURE. It means “costume play”. Japanese who like animation, because they want to be like animation character. They only themselves costume, and they made costume. In 1990 costume play became popular in japan. Now, Halloween day all most people became anime character or ghost. People who play show party in any place. I think it is so good Japanese culture. If you go to Akihabara city, you can watch costume players.

Next, I introduce about Harajyuku fashion. It reason why people call Harajyuku fashion, because it fashion’s birthplace in japan Harajyuku. It is in Tokyo.
All most people like this fashion. They respect to her!! Her name is Kyary pamyu pamyu. She is very cute woman, and she became popular artist in foreign country. Do you know her?? She is a musician too, her make song is very nice and interesting. Her made cloth it was surprised to all most persons. I am going to tell you about her a little.
Her mother is so severe who not arrow that she wear interesting cloth. However she never give up, because she want to wear like clothes. She continue wear like clothes. So she can walk in now. I respect to her, she always sunshine!! Please listen to her song, and watch her cloth.
Next, I recommend that if you came japan, I want to you to wear KIMINO. It is Japanese culture. It is so beautiful and, very expensive things. However it can rental, so I want to you to wear!! However, it wearing so hard, because it have a lot of cloth. Japanese woman when third years old, five years old, seven years old, them take picture that wear KIMONO. It call SHICHIGOSAN. It is cerebrate year day.
Thank you for reading. Have a good fashion day.


This article is very interesting because it is very easy to understand. I read this article and I want to listening to Kyary pamyu pamyu's song.

Hello rain :^)
Thank you for your comment!
I like fashion very much, but I have never worn cosplay and harajuku fashion. I don't like harajuku fashion. These are very eccentricity. I can't wear it.
Tahnk you for your writing.

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