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by Batman★ on December 1, 2014 - 1:30am

Today, I am going to talk about Japanese fashion. What do you know Japanese fashion? For example, Japanese Wafuku, Gyaru fashion, Harajyuku fashion, Gosurori, fashion and cosplay fashion.

At first, I introduce about Japanese Wafuku. Do you think what kind of Japanese Wafuku? There are Kimono, Yukata, Hurisode, Hakama, Jinbe and so on. My favorite Japanese Wfuku are Kimono, Yukata, and Hurisode, so I explain Kimono, Yukata and Hurisode. Kimono is one of the most popular in the world. Kimono is Japanese tradition because Kimono is inherited in the long history and pride of the world. Kimono had been wearing from the Jomon and Yayoi period. It wearing from very long time ago. Some of them made a variety of evolution, so there are today’s Kimono. However Yukata had been wearing from Heian period. Yukata became a kind of love for clothing of people to enter the Edo period. Almost people wearing for the summer festival, firework display and Japanese style hotel. I wore the Yukata when I went to the firework display with my friend in in this summer. But wear the Yukata is very difficult. Of course I think that Kimono and Hurisode too.

At second, there are different points of the Kimono and Kukata but Yukata and Kimono is the same shapes. Yukata is made of sheer cotton wear in summer. But there is no lining. Once upon a time, it was habit that sleep remains Yukata to wear in the after bath. I think that Yukata is nightclothes at the past. While almost Kimono there are lining. We doesn’t wear the Kimono when go to the fireworks display but we wear the Kimono when the festival day for children aged seven, five and three. We called “Sihigosan.”

At third, do you know Hurisode? Hurisode means long sleeved Kimono. We called “Hurisode” we doesn’t often wear it, because long sleeved Kimono is very valuable and wear the only women doesn’t wear the men. Women wear the long sleeved Kimono when coming of age day, we called “Seijinsiki.” Seijinnohi is the January of second Monday, it is holiday. I wearing the long sleeved Kimono is the year after next, I’m look forward to wearing it. I will wear the mother’s long sleeved Kimono.
In conclusion, there are many history of Japanese Wahuku, it is very important for us. We guard of Japanese Wahuku. I wear the early for long sleeved Kimono!!!
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Japanese fashion is interesting. Hurisode is beautiful Japanese cloth. i want to wear it.

Hello Batman:^)
Your text is very good. These are Japanese traditional fashions. I like yukata very much. I want to wear furisode. Do you already desided furisode? Coming Age Day is coming soon!! We will wear furisode in this day.
Thank you for your writing!!!

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