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by Mariechan on December 22, 2014 - 2:01am

Japanese Halloween


Meika Wada


     Today I will introduce about Japanese Halloween. Do you like Halloween? Japanese Halloween is different from original Halloween. So I’m going to talk about different point of each Halloween.

     First I will introduce about Original Halloween. Originally Halloween is fall harvest festival and dispel demons. It is kind like religion. But now it become popular event in America. So American people decorate “Jack-o'-Lantern”. It is hollowed-out pumpkin’s lantern on Halloween. And American children disguisedly witch or ghost and they say “trick or treat” and receive candy.

    Next I will introduce about Japanese Halloween. Japanese think Halloween is cosplay day. So it is there are many cosplay events. So many Japanese wearing anime character costume and go to Halloween events. And many Japanese shops are sell a lot of snacks that Halloween limited. So may Japanese student buy these snacks and do Okashi Party. It is snack party. And many Japanese theme park doing Halloween party. So if you go Japanese theme park on Halloween, you can watch Halloween show and you can buy Halloween goods. My favorite Halloween event is Universal Studio Japan’s “Horror Nights”. Because a lot of zombies are walking around in the Park. It is very scary but very exciting. And I can eat Halloween foods. For example pumpkin cake. It is very delicious. And I say ‘trick or treat’ and staff give me a candy. It is very happy. So I like this event.

     In conclusion each Halloween are little bit different, but very similar. And both Halloween are very exciting event. So I like both Halloween but we should know more Halloween history.


your writing was interesting, because you explain about different point Halloween between Japan to American.

I had also researched about Halloween! It is not Japanese Event, but Japsnese people enjpy Halloween day like foreigners. It is very funny but interesting.

Your topic is interesting. I think so this thing. I like Halloween event in USJ. This event is so exciting! Let's go to USJ in Halloween with me!

Your writing was very easy!! I like Halloween!! Do you like Halloween? Have you ever been to Tokyo Desney Resort's Halloween? It is very fun and beautiful so let's go to there together!!

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