Japanese Bento

by Superman☆ on November 10, 2014 - 1:46am

I will talk about Japanese Bento. Do you like Japanese Bento? I will introduce about my favorite three bento. My favorite three bento are convenience bento, station bento, and character bento. I will introduce about these kind, price, and taste etc. My favorite bento is very delicious!

At first, I will introduce about convenience bento. This bento is the most like for me. These are many convenience stores in Japan, so there are many kind of convenience bento. I will introduce popular bento of each convenience store. Popular bento of “Seven eleven” is “きのこデミ仕立てのオムライスドリア”. This bento’s price is 430 yen. I think this is not bento. I have never eaten it, so I want to eat it. Popular bento of “LAWSON” is “Makunouchi”. This bento’s price is about 400 yen. I have eaten it. This is very delicious. I recommend woman because this is low calorie. Popular bento of “Family Mart” is “Green curry”. This bento’s price is about 500 yen. I have never eaten it, so I want to eat it too. Recent convenience store’s bento is a little strange.

Second, I will introduce about station bento. It is called “Ekiben”. I have never eaten “Ekiben” but I know some “Ekiben”. Then, I will introduce bento that I wanted to eat. One of I want to eat bento is “Tokusei makunouchi” in Okayama. This bento’s price is 1000 yen. This is famous and popular in Japan. Another of I want to eat bento is “Tanbagyuumeshi” in Hyogo. This bento’s price is about 1100 yen. I want to eat Tanba cow. Another of I want to eat is “Shumai bento” in Kanagawa and Shizuoka. This bento’s price is 820 yen. I like shumai, so I want to eat before dead. There are many delicious bento in “Ekiben.

Third, I will introduce about character bento. This bento is cute and delicious. Making this bento is very difficult. I and my mother have never made it because takes a lot of time, so there is no time in the morning. I want to try making character bento.

In conclusion, all bento very delicious! I have never eaten many bento. I want to eat all convenience store’s bento, all “Ekiben” and character bento. Recent Japanese bento is wonderful!


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I want to eat きのこデミ仕立てオムライスドリア. I don't know this bento. I have never been eaten Ekiben too. I think Ekiben is very expensive. But I guess it is delicious. Let's go to eat Ekiben together!

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