Japanese Bento

by Batman★ on November 10, 2014 - 1:44am

Japanese Bento

Today, I will introduce about Japanese Bento. What do you kind of Japanese Bento? Japanese Bento meaning is lunch box. There is a history for the Japanese Bento. so now I will talk about Japanese Bento’s history, tell you a kind of Japanese Bento and my favorite Japanese Bento.

At first, I will tell you about Japanese Bento’s history. The first was used a container of bento leaves. Why used a leaves? I think that leaves is convenient to carry, because almost have rice balls in the old days. We have bento when lunch time. We have school trip, hiking and outing for bento. We almost made by mother.

At second, what do you think how many kind of Japanese bento? For example, there are character bento, hinomaru bento, ekiben and ready meal.(コンビニ弁当)so too many.
Character bento is very cute, so maybe can eat vegetables for children. For children has not likes and dislikes vegetables. Character bento’ food changes for anime characters.
Hinomaru bento has a pickled ume fruit in the center of white rice. It looks like Japanese flag. Hinomaru bento is very patriotic food. It is very humble bento.
Ekiben is sold in railway stations thought out japan. Ekiben is expensive, but it is very delicious. Shinkansen’s bento is very splendid. I like Shinkansen’s bento. Shinkansen’s bento is carry the people. Ready bento is very convenient but a little expensive and too high calorie, so I am not recommend too. But ready bento can heat it because convenience store has range, so we can eat heat bento.

My favorite Japanese bento are my mother’s made bento, ekiben and character bento. For reason is my mother’s made bento is very delicious and a well balanced diet so mother’s bent the best. My mother was made bento for every weekday when I was high school student, so I was very gratitude for my mother. Practically I can’t eat Ekiben, but when I ride Shinkansen I eat Ekiben. Ekiben is difference for each areas, so I can eat each areas famous food’s Ekiben. Character bento is very cute and fine, so I can’t make the Character bento, but I want to try it. It is very cute, so I can’t eat. Recently, character bento is very high quality.

I made bento every weekday because I try save to money, but it is very difficult. Thank you for reading.

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