Japanese Bento

by J-U on November 10, 2014 - 1:39am

Today,I’d like to talk about the Japanese bento.Do you know Japanese bento?Bento meaning lunch box.So I talk about kind of bento,and recent bento style.Talk about the “Hinomaru Bento”, “Nori ben”,and “charaben”.It is very interesting for us.
First,I will talk about the “Hinomaru bento”.It is bento when is the very lomg time ago.It popular during the war,because Japanese haven’t the money.Japanese people poor during the war.so people made it,which is the simple style.I explane the Hinomaru bento,which is the two things. “Umeboshi”and “rice”.it is simple,but the people feeling happy when people eat it,during the war.During the war,the valu was very expensive for Japanese people.so people made it only.
Second,I will explane about the “Noriben”.this bento made after the war.The Noriben become from the “seasoned laver”, “Isobeage”and “salomn”.it is simple too,because people don’t have a time.so people couldn’t make a bento spent time.but this bento easy for people to make,and people make a time.it is delicious for us.Now this bento popular too.The Noriben is the famous in Japan,in addition the Noriben is different from place to place.because the different how to taste place to place.
Third,I am going to talk about the “Character bento”recentlly people charenge making a difficult bento.Because ,it makes children and eat somebody happy.Nowadays,people have a time,when people make a bento.for example housewife more and more. So the housewife made it,which is the best charactor bento.the charactor bento is consist a lot of values.but the housewife think about the alegy for children.the algey is very imporatnt for us to make up the bento.and people think about the beautiful.the house wife use the lot of colorful volues.fro example the eggs color is yellow,the vegetables is green the sea leaves is black,rice is white.the popular charactor bento is Japanese animations.for example,the pocket monsters,recently the trend “Youkai watch”’s charactors.so the cildren is very surprised it.
In conclusion,Japanese bento is better and better,so people charenge bento level up.and I think foreigner charenge it,because if the Japanese bento trend for ather country,It will choose the culture heritage sight of the Japan.but,it is very nice.I like bento,which was made by my mother.it is very delicious.


I read your article. Your article was interesting. I like Nori ben. Nori ben is simple, but it is delicious. Also article of about Character bento was interesting. Thank you a good article.

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