Japanese Bento

by Puppy on November 6, 2014 - 2:15am

     I will introduce about Bento. Bento is equivalent to the meal among the food which is to allow portable. Also bento was born in Japan. So I introduce about bento’s history, kind of bento.

At first I introduce about bento’s history.
Origin of bento can be traced back to the Heian period. At the time, bento was rice ball be called "Tonjiki" or "Hoshii." Dry rice cooked has used as food for the portable. Dried rice can be stored in a small container, and eat as it is, or it is eaten by for example simmer and put in water. In the Azuchi-Momoyama Period wooden lacquered boxes like were produced and bento would be eaten during a hanami or a tea party. In the Edo Period, bento became a wide range cultural, at the same time, it became the elegant culture. Travelers and sightseers would carry a simple koshibento consisting of several rice ball wrapped with bamboo leaves or in a woven bamboo box. Also one of the most popular styles of bento, makunouchi bento was first made during this period. In the Meiji Period the first, ekiben (station lunch) was sold. First of ekiben is believed that was sold on 16 July 1885, at the Utsunomiya station, it contained two rice ball and a serving of takuan wrapped in bamboo leaves.
And there is a wide variety bento like Kyaraben and painting lunch now.

At the next, I introduce about ekiben. Ekiben is sold at the railway station and in the vehicle. It began in 1885. Ekiben generally means "lunch to be sold at the station private branch." But at present, jump across the frame of practical diet that is sold at the station private branch, this direction is aimed at development as a lunch of local cuisine that incorporates the specialty products of the local, it become one of the flow of ekiben. Also Taiwan there is a bento be sold in the car sales of train and around the country railway station, called "鐵路便當."

At last, I introduce about “kyaraben.” Kyaraben can made by devising the design of such as dishes, it can delight children, also in order to eat voluntarily dislikes when it make the bento for children. Kyaraben are typically decorated to look like popular characters from Japanese anime, comic books, or video games. The current Kyaraben dissemination, the recipe blog of the general public is not a professional food critic has played a major role.

From the above, bento is popular in Japan for the long time, nowadays, it is loved by Japanese people in various forms like kyaraben and ekiben.


Your wrtting is very clearty,and I understood when I read about the Japanese Bento.it is very delicous.

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