I Spent a Happy Time in New Year’s Day in 2015

by tas on February 2, 2015 - 2:00am

What did you do in your winter vacation? Many people go to shrine and they hope becoming happy for this year in Japanese New Year’s Day. And children get a lot of New Year’s gift money. They buy something that they want item by this money. Many Japanese people eat osechi in this day. There are common New Year’s Day in Japan. Today, I will talk about my New Year’s Day and before day.
First, I am going to talk about before New Year’s Day. Do you like crab? I went to Tajima to eat crab with my family in December 30, 2014. We ate a lot of crab dish, its taste very nice. I like crab very much. It is little expensive food, so I can’t eat it every day. It was special day. I like au crab sashimi the best. I was surprised at its taste. It’s taste delicious. I want you to eat it. I spent happy time. Next day, I did my part-time job at a.m.6 to p.m.2. It was very hard for me. After that time, I ate year-crossing noodles. I watched a movie with my boyfriend, its title is “Back to the FutureⅠ”. I like this movie very much. And then, I went to my friend’s house with my friends. And moreover, we make nabe and eat it while watching TV. We did count down. It was last day in 2014.
Second, I will talk about New Year’s Day in 2015. My New Year’s Day was started by my part-time job. I work in Mac Donald, this store is open 24/7, so I have to work in New Year’s Day too. After that, I went to Sanda with my father, because my grandparents live in Sanda. This day had a heavy fall of snow, so the way iced up. It was very dangerous, but it was very excite. I made many snow-man. I enjoyed this time. And I ate a lot of food in my grandparent’s house. Their taste delicious. I was very happy.
Next, I will talk about New Year’s visited to a shrine. I went to Nakayama temple with my friend in January 2nd. We bought something from a stall. It was very interesting. I like that buy something from a stall and eating it. I like cotton candy very much, so I bought it. It was very delicious. Thus, we cast a paper fortune. The fortune said that I’ll have small lucky. It was subtlety. I hope this year become happy.
In conclusion, I like New Year’s Day very much, because I can eat a lot of delicious food, and I can keep late hours and so on. It’s very nice. I have to work in New Year’s Day, but I could enjoy it. I spent very happy days. How did your New Year’s Day? What did you do in the day? I think you could enjoy this New Year’s Day.


In New Year's Day, you spent really splendid time. You ate crab above all. I ate it, too. However, therefore I did not go for a trip. I ate in the house of grandmother. It was fun, but the incident was caused, too. Anyway, New Year's Day is very happy.

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