Do you know what did Japan do Olympic in 1964?

by dom on December 10, 2014 - 8:59pm

     I will write about Olympic relationships Japan. Japan has opened Olympics four times. Japan has opened two times summer Olympics and two times winter Olympics. First time is 1964 October 10th to 27th. First I will introduce about why Japan can open Olympic. Maybe you don’t know the reason, so I want to you know why. Second I will write about the day and what did Japanese people doing to the day.
     I’m going to introduce about first Olympic in japan and what did Japanese people doing to the day. The day is just fifty years ago. The Tokyo Olympic was first time Olympic in Asia. The Tokyo Olympic is summer Olympic. Do you know why the Olympic opened in Tokyo? The reasons are a lot of so I will introduce only few reasons. The one reason is Olympic is open in western many time but in Asia open Olympic few time. I will introduce another reason. Do you know Haneda airport? I think maybe you know Haneda airport. In 1964 Haneda airport has a lot of international flight, before 1964 Haneda airport had few international flight, but Japan want to get the chance for open Olympic so they made a lot of international flight. This time I introduce only few reasons but the reason is not only few reasons, had more reasons. 
    I’m going to write about the day and what did Japanese people doing to the day. Do you know unit bath? Maybe you know unit bath. Now I guess you can’t understand why I write about unit bath. When that time Japanese technology is not high. In 1964 made unit bath and installation is take a month by Japanese technology. They think to late so they made unit bath in factory. Maybe you think its common method but that time this method is revolution. After get this knowledge their work is very fast so they could be in time. The first unit bath was missing. This year we find the unit bath in very high class hotel. 
   This time I was introduce about Olympic and relational Olympic thing. We know Japan is holding place in 2020 and why Japan is holding place, because we watched why on TV news. We like Olympic and if Tokyo Olympic is start we will watch Olympic, but we don’t know why Japan is Olympic holding place in 1964. I think we should know the thing, if we know the thing we can more enjoy Olympic. Have a good Olympic. (12/1) yahoo japan news


Your topic is interesting. I was not interested in Olympic, but next Olympic decide in Tokyo. I want to watch Tokyo Olympic.

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