Classmate's Summer Vacation

by tas on October 6, 2014 - 3:15am

My friend’s summer vacation!!
5142048 Asuka Morita

I’m going to talk about my friend’s summer vacation. First, I will introduce about Jin’s summer vacation. He went to Okinawa in this summer vacation, because Okinawa is his hometown, so he return home. He swam in the sea and had a barbecue in Okinawa. And he played basketball with his home friends. I think he is very good at baseball player. Then he got a date and went star gazing with his girlfriend. He enjoyed his summer vacation in Okinawa. I thought I want to go to Okinawa.
Second, I’ m going to talk about Keiichi’s summer vacation. His hometown is Hiroshima. He went to Hiroshima in this summer vacation. He visited to Miyajima with his family, and he went to fireworks festival in Miyajima with his friends. Then he went fishing and barbecue and went out to karaoke with his friends. He enjoyed Hiroshima. I thought I want to go to Hiroshima too.
Third, I’m going to talk about Meika’s summer vacation. She went to a lot of place in this summer vacation. She went to Tokyo Disney Land. She met Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at there, but she didn’t take a picture with them, because they are very famous characters, so the waiting time was very long that take a picture with them. And she watched show. The name is “Once Upon a Time”. It is new show in Disney Land. I want to watch the show. It was very beautiful. Her favorite attraction in Tokyo Disney Land is “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”. It was very scary. She enjoyed Tokyo Disney Land. Then she went spa world in September 26th with her friends. And me too. We went to a lot of hot spring. We found it enjoyable to soak in the hot spring. It was very fun, so we want to go to spa world again.

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