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     Do you know that aquarium starts becoming popular in Japan? I recently watched a special feature article of the aquarium on TV. I thought that how beautiful. Also I want to teach you it. So I introduce about aquarium and aquarium of my recommendation.
     At first I explain about aquarium. Aquarium refers to the breeding facilities of aquatic organisms. Aquarium is a concept that spans the whole of from the large scale facilities like aquarium to personal facilities of small. Today in Japan, aquarium often refers to the rearing and cultivation of tropical fish and aquatic plants for ornamental among them. This breeding method, in particular reason of ornamental, Aquarium reproduce the natural environment in the aquarium by to flourish small tropical fish the beautiful of appearance and aquatic plants mind soothing. This aquarium enthusiasts are called Aquarist. Also in recent years, there are enthusiastic to people in a busy office worker.
     At next I explain that why aquarium is popular in Japan. Japan has been swallowed stress society. Against this backdrop, which is not noticed, we have a life suffer from anxiety and worries and the stress of allowable amount or more. So, we wanted to obtain the healing naturally. The method is aquarium Therapy. Aquarium therapy is healing genuine has been proven in medical. Healing developed countries the United States and European countries, is actively incorporating aquarium Therapy to facility of mentally unstable person and home laden sickly children and home of elderly couple.
     At last I introduce you aquarium that I recommend. My Recommended aquarium is Kyoto Art Aquarium Castle. The aquarium was held in World Heritage 20th Anniversary. There are a lot of beautiful things there. For example, the four seasons aquarium is huge 8 meter work where the real “nishikigoi” swims in the Japanese four seasons which are projected by projection mapping. Also Kimonorium is artwork, fusion of projection and real kingyo. Moreover Burying Kyoto’s traditional crafts “KyoYuzen”, the highest class kimono, in the aquarium tank, expressed the pattern of kimono with the live kingyo and 3D projection mapping. There is also a souvenir of aquarium.
     From the above, aquarium is popular in Japan because it is beautiful, the heart is healed. I have never watched aquarium. So I thought that I would like to watch aquarium. And, if you have time, please visit location of my recommendation aquarium and nearby aquarium location. I think that aquarium will always give healing to you.

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you could write very well. and I learnd about interesting aquarium.

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