About Minpak of New Tourism

by Puppy on November 6, 2014 - 2:13am

     I will introduce about “minpaku”. Meaning of minpak is to stay in private house. Now, this minpak is beginning to gather all over the country attention. My local, Wakayama Prefecture is also one of them. So I think that I want to explain about minpak of wakayama.

 At the first, I explain about minpak. Minpak is able to stay in the house of general, unlike hotels and inns. And you can experience with the family business, it will spend the day enjoying the homemade country cooking of the region unique. Moreover you can experience the unaffected daily of the land, it can't experience accommodations usually. It is called the New Tourism, and is beginning to gather attention as a new travel movementd.

At the second, I explain about minpak of wakayama. Wakayama is famous peach, plum and persimmon that crop is rich. Fishing industry is also a prosperous. So minpak of wakayama will provide an opportunity for various Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries experience among the rich natural environment, you can experience in practice "joy of the harvest" and "Importance of what it make a thing and bring up." Also you will be deeply impress more journey of visitors, it can feel the exchanges and make friends with rural areas.
 There are all over the country minpak other than Wakayama. For example there is the Goto Islands in Nagasaki and Miyakojima in Okinawa. Also in recent minpak marathon of the nation first was held as a regional reconstruction events Chizu in Tottori Prefecture.

 Based on the above, minpak has the action of local revitalization as a new tourism of Wakayama and other prefectural. I hope that new tourism like minpak let the local activate more.

About the author

My name is Akinari Inui. I'm from WAKAYAMA.
Famous food of Wakayama is plum and mandarin orange.
There is a World Heritage Site called the Kumano Kodo in Wakayama.
I am college freshman. I go to school for one hour and 50 minutes by train.