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by Puppy on November 17, 2014 - 1:52am

     I will introduce about 100 Yen Shops. I often go to 100 Yen Shops. Because it is very cheap and convenient store. So 100 Yen Shops has gained popularity in Japan because pricing of 100 yen have the image of cheap and handy. 100 Yen Shops also has gained popularity abroad.

What is 100 yen shop? 100 Yen Shops are common Japanese shops in the vein of American dollar stores. Stocking a variety of items from clothing to stationery, housewares to food, each item is priced at precisely 100 yen. Also, 100 Yen Shops are called One Coin Shops. Moreover 100 Yen Shops are able to keep prices down by purchasing goods of large quantity at a time and cheap transportation using ships in order to reduce the price. These goods come from countries with lower production costs, such that 100 Yen Shops may retail them for far less than the merchandise is worth.

What kind of 100 yen shop of foreign countries? There are a lot of 100 Yen Shops abroad. For example, there are dollar store or 99 cents shop in the United States, 99 pence shop in the UK, 1000 won shop in Korea, one yuan shop in China. In the United States, there is a retail formats that Dollar store that sells small items products at $ 1 uniform as well 100 yen shop in Japan. America store Daiso that the commodity price of the base is $ 1.50. Also many goods of the 100 yen shop of Japan are manufactured in China, it has been imported. However, it also has been increasing shops that sell at a uniform price in China. Although becomes about 7 yuan when converted from 100 yen to yuan, in China, is seen as "one yuan shop", "three yuan shop" and "five yuan shop" and "ten yuan shop", are not necessarily unified. There is also a corner of the product different from the price is shown to store name. Because there a lot of the store of private management. In this way, 100 Yen Shops has gained popularity abroad.

Are 100 yen shop of overseas popular in Japan? Recently, 100 yen shop overseas is popular in Japan. There is 100 yen shop of the Nordic, “Tiger” one of them. Tiger is in the grocery store to deploy about 150 stores in the world mainly Denmark. Open day of one shop in Japan, Tiger showed the excitement that already can the matrix of about 400 people at the time of opening of 11:00. However after even third day from open, customer traffic did not decrease. So stock depleted. For this reason, has forced to special business holiday from the fourth day.

From the above, 100 yen shop is also popular in Japan and overseas, it is great.
So, I will continue to go the 100 yen shop from now on. Moreover I thought that I want to go to Tiger at once.



This article is interesting. I like 100 yen shop. Because I can buy all products are 100 yen. It is very cheep. I want foreigner to know 100 yen shop too. Thank you.

Hello, again! We are Misaki Kishi, and Azusa Sugimoto. We are interested in 100 yen shop because we are usually use of this shop. We live ourselves each place in Hyogo and Kyoto, so we have to buy our necessities of life. Recently, Misaki bought a sponge, notebook, and broom. Azusa also bought clothes pegs, dress hangers, and a schedule note. According to TV program, Misaki’s hometown has the most shops in Japan because there are many stingy persons in Tokushima prefecture. Therefore, she likes goods of 100 shop. She always tells Azusa good points, so I rather get use of this the shop thanks of her. There are two 100 yen shops nearby university of ours. Thus, we will have been daily customers for 4 years.
By the ways, how many times do you go to this shop? , and then what do you buy in this shop? Please tell us.

Your topic was interested. I think that Japanese 100yen shop is very unique. I like 100yen shop. I usually use of this shop. It is very convenience for me. I think that foreigner likes 100yen shop too. Do you like 100yen shop?

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