Religion in society

by alexandragagne2 on February 12, 2014 - 10:33am

We all know that religion is a controversy subject in society because people have many views, ways, and ideas about it and they perceive it all in a different manner. First of all, I think that it is a topic like any other and everyone should have the right to their own opinion. I do not see why people make such a big deal about religion while many other theme can be such as controversy. In a society it is always good to have many opinion about diverse subjects, so it should be the case with religion. Our country contains diversity and I think that we should take an advantage from that instead of complaining, it gives us the chance to know more about different cultures and worldviews. However, if it becomes a bigger problem in society we should do something about it but not put it into a law. Religion is a choice and not an obligation. Moreover, it is disappointing to observe that less people have a religion and that does who do not make fun of the others. Religion should be there to guide people and provide them reason in life when they cannot find one, and it should remain as it is, a choice for everyone. 


I completely agree with you. Religion is a choice and everyone should be able to choose to believe in whatever they want to. I like the fact that you mentioned that religion is there to guide people because I think that is its purpose.

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