Who knew China population was not enough?

by sab_hachem on November 16, 2013 - 1:00pm


As we all know, China has one of the biggest demographic ever. It doesn’t stop the communist party to decide to take away the law to only have one child per family. The government will allow the family that one of the two parent that don’t have a brother or a sister to have more than one child. Population is getting older and older each year. According to the United Nations, this year 8,5of the workers are retiring and possibly 29.8% by 2050.The county is missing new born to feed the lost of all the workers that are too old. If the crisis keeps increasing China won’t be able to maintain its place in one of the most powerful country in the world. Labor will become too weak and important system, as the healthcare won’t be able to answer the needs of the population because of the lack of workers. Instead of moving forward China is slowly but dangerously moving backwards.


The new policy wont only give the chance to the country to grow stronger and faster but also slowly moving away the idea of only having one children and necessarily for it to be a boy. Girls would finally have a place in the community and considered as equal citizens.


I agree with you. I also think that allowing people to have more than one baby will be helpful for country because of the population that is older. They will need many workers to take care of all the old people of china. I also think that allowing them to have more babies will also solve the problem of the many children that are in orphanage because of the law of one child. I think that China is on its way to changing.
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I also chose the same topic as you and I seriously believe that their one-child policy is not the best option because although by doing this they will be able to reduce a bit more the population of China, the Chinese from the baby-boom time is now getting older. Their policy will not be as effective as they think in a couple of years because like you mentioned in your summary, less people will have the capacity to work, therefore, China will produce less and will lose this power of them to produce a lot. For example, as we can see, if you look around your house, most of the things are made in China. I believe that China should look at the long-term problems and find solutions for the future of the population.

I liked your article and I agree with you. I am taking a course that just covered China’s political system and the major issues that threaten their regime. The aging population is China’s biggest problem right now. One of the major issues you talked about was the health care. As a first responder I can say that in recent years not only has the call volume gone up but the number of nursing homes and retirement homes in my area has also gone up. This puts a big strain on the Ambulance agencies trying to respond to those calls (normally non-emergency) and other calls.

I found your article very interesting. It was not something that I was aware of, that China was actually missing newborns. Their policy is not efficient because as the population gets older, nobody will be there to take their place. They should abolish this law and give the Chinese people the right to have as many children as they want. Its wrong to put a law against 'mother natures' will.

I agree strongly with you on this post. I was not aware of the newer policy although I still believe that it should be abolished. Everyone should have their choice of how many children they are allowed to have because it is going against mother nature. The new policy is not going to be very effective because the babies that are not being born could possibly fill in for the elder who are dying off at a fast rate. I am strongly against this policy because it is also preventing the equality of women's rights; women are treated differently in China because of their gender and they should be able to determine themselves how many children they want to have. This is a very controversial topic and I think you summarized and gave your opinion very well!

This topic is really actual; population growth will heavily affect the way humans will live in the future. A not so far away future in fact. However, I agree with you that this measure was disadvantageous for girls. I hope that this step forward will result equality between men and women in China. Economically, this measure was slowing back China as you mentioned; however, I hope that the new generation of workers will ask for better working conditions; this way, they will live like humans "should" (according to our values) and will make a fair competition against western countries (such as Canada) on the international market. I believe that China should advocate the creation of small cities (50 000-200 000 inhabitants) in its rural region. In this way, the population would be less concentrated in the large cities of the East Coast, and there will be good jobs and services in rural China.

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