Where is Our World Going?

by NikitaRazzak on September 13, 2013 - 6:12pm


The article that was posted in the New York Times named “ Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown” on July 21, 2013,  was talking about a very controversial topic in our society today, homosexuality. More precisely, it talks about the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, making “Anti-Homosexual” laws. One of them stating that any couple living in a country where gay marriage is permitted is banned from adopting a Russian-born baby. Another absurd law states that anyone who is suspected of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” could be sent to jail for 14 days. That means that even if someone is not homosexual and is accused of being so, they face brutal consequences. It has even gotten to the point where Mr. Putin is thinking about removing children away from their own families if the parents are or are suspected to be homosexual. 

Most people say that the reason why the President is so determined to “criminalize homosexuality” is because he says that the Russian birthrate is diminishing, therefore he thinks that the solution is to promote heterosexuality, which will, in his opinion, increase the birthrate. Putin says that homosexuality is also banned because he wants to protect children from pedophiles; ironically, 90% of pedophiles are heterosexual men. Thus, the President’s so-called laws do not really help the society in any way; they create  segregation and inequality  more than anything.

Many people like Harvey Fierstein, the writer of this article, think that the actual motive behind Putin's numerous discriminatory laws is to get people's attention away from Russia's failing policies and to get all their attention on him, so that he can gain more political power. He is basically discriminating the homosexuals and the bisexuals by trying to get rid of them. That is exactly the same motive that Hitler had in mind during the second World War when he exterminated a terrifying number of the Jewish people. The worst part is that severe violence is being used against these innocent people. In fact, in May a young man living in the city of Volgograd was murdered for being gay. "He was beaten, his body violated with beer bottles, his clothing set on fire, his head crushed with a rock". Nevertheless, the world's population still does not do much about this situation. 

In my opinion, this situation is going too far. In this day and age, people should have the right to be who they are, without being pressured or forced to  conform to the society's standards. The world has evolved tremendously throughout the years and has become more open-minded but why is it that the Russian population is still close-minded about homosexuality? This is a really big problem not only in Russia but everywhere else in the world, I think that it is time we take drastic measures or else this situation will definitely worsen...

Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/22/opinion/russias-anti-gay-crackdown.htm.


Attending the college at Brockport has given me the opportunity to take various diversity classes such as intro to sociology, and gender, race, and class. This title popped out at me because this is something I find myself asking silently all the time. I go to class and learn of different situations in which people are not being considered equal. So it is a really great question of “Where is our world going?” The example in this article of the different ways the Russian leader is discriminating against homosexuals, and the people in support of them horrifies me. The world today is supposed equal. I would have never thought this could be happening to our world. I really liked how you supported your point of why the president is discriminating, and gave a percent of the real pedophiles.

This situation is horrible. I have friends, and loved ones who are “gay”, and “lesbian”, and to think of them being discriminated against is heart breaking. Same sex marriage is becoming legal in many places, and the world should follow that example of accepting everyone, and not bash the countries in support of it! I like how you made a point to state, “People have the right to be who they are.” This is so true, and a good example for people to follow in the world today. I would like to see the countries that are in support and or in resistance against what the president of Russia is saying, if you could get that information that would make this article even more powerful in its words. Great job writing this article! I like all the evidence and facts that go into it.

I think that your post really hits the nail on the head with the whole topic of homosexuality. You made the point that society has evolved very much the past few years so Russia should catch up with this progress. This is very true. In many parts of the world people are more accepting of homosexuals but we still have a long way to go. It breaks my heart to learn that people are being treated violently because of the way that they are. I think of my family and friends who are homosexuals and cannot imagine this. They are just regular people and should not be treated poorly, especially in a violent manner. I really liked the statistic you mentioned that 90% of pedophiles are heterosexual men when in reality people think of homosexuals as being pedophiles. Maybe these notions come from a lack of knowledge or experience with homosexuals. People need to be more open minded and educated in order to accept these people for who they are.

This post is a very powerful. Homosexuality is a very sore subject with certain people. I think you did a great job bring out facts and standing behind the right to be homosexual. What homosexuals in Russia are experiencing breaks my heart. It is not right for people to be judge or punished for being homosexual. I cant believe that you could be put in jail for being a homosexual. I like the static you put in there about ninety percent of pedophiles are heterosexual males. i have family members who are homosexual and raise 6 children together and they have turned out fine, or even better than if they had a mother and a father raising them. I think people should stand up and fight against this ridiculous situation in Russia.

First of all I would like to say thank you for asking a question that rummages through my mind a lot of the time. Honestly, that is what led me to click on the link and I am quite glad that I did. Not only did this post open up my eyes to issues in other countries but it made me think about my older brother. He is a gay man. Since I live with him, I see a lot of what he goes through and it hurts me. Just to know that people are being themselves and they are criticized for it is unreal. I sometimes stop and take a look at some of the advances we have made throughout the years but still minute issues are breaking us apart. How is there suppose to peace on earth if there is always criticism? Now I am not saying to not have an opinion but instead you should be respectable to things you may see as unusual or different. Don’t tease them or torment them. They are human beings just like everyone else. Why do they deserve to be imprisoned, killed or have the feeling to commit suicide? These people didn’t commit a crime or felony they are just being themselves. What is so wrong with that? Things really need to change. We are a diverse world and with that, diversity should be respected no matter what kind of diversity it may be. Great job with this post!

Reading your article was very interesting even if the situation right now in Russia is pretty frustrating. It is sad to see that some people just can't accept others as they are. The president of Russi should be the one who leads his people in a democratic way, he should be the one who listen and understand his people to represent it well. Here, Putin is only committing an act of discrmination. You are not required to be gay to understand that what Putin is doing is completely incorrect. This situation really should change. Why should the gay people be considered as different? I really liked your article it was well written and informative!

This article was very worthwhile to read I really enjoyed the level of educational speech you wrote with. The title caught my attention but what really hooked me was the topic itself. I have always been interested when reading about gay rights or along those lines because I actually have two gay cousins. What you wrote about was astonishing to me that a country is being that strict about gay rights. America is just as bad as well. Just recently are we as a nation sort of coming around to the idea of homosexuality. DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act which was denying gay couples rights was finally voted down. Under DOMA married homosexual couples were denied literally every right a married couple should get. For example they couldn’t even file for a joint bank account and it made it hard if not impossible for them to own property together. I agree with you completely. People should be able to love who they love. Who is any government official to say that you can’t marry who you want to? It denies every citizen their inalienable rights as humans.

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