At what point brazil is shinning?

by sab_hachem on October 20, 2013 - 10:56pm


The prosperity of a country depends of how the development of the country. In Brazil most of the citizens don’t have the chance to because they can’t fully enjoy a great educational system.Accroding to BBC news, over the past 20 years, the number of citizens attending school is increasing but yet it is still not enough to remove its place from the rank of the less educated place in the world.


The Brazilian government understood that the wealth of its country cannot anymore depends on the exportations its natural resources Brazil needs educated and professional citizens that will assure a stable economic and prevent it from any crisis. Sadly, the faith in its own citizens is really low. Teachers don’t have strong academic backgrounds and they have no experiences to how to teach. Right after their studies, a class is given to them. Not even laws or restrictions to follow. They try the best that they can to assure a good education to these poor kids. Everything is based on education, even politic. A population who is yet not educated cannot participate in the political life. The decisions of the government and the laws applied are not representative to the interests of the Brazilians and it creates an environment where there are no common good.


It is sad to see a wonderful country that owns so many resources, living though so much crisis. Other places in the world are enjoying what Brazil owns but Brazilians itself cant live through the same conditions as developed countries. Many are poor and not educated. While reading articles about this social issues, I kept asking myself if at least half of this population would be able to develop themselves in something that follow their interests. Everyone should have the rights to be heard in any way possible. Education is a liberty, a liberty of expression. We should all have access to it.


I agree with you. I believe that education is very important for everyone and that everyone should have the chance to express themselves through education. We find ourselves always whining about school, but instead of always whining we should be thankful to have education unlike some countries who are too poor to even afford having education. Also, I find it very unfair that there are some countries where the population can have a part of the profits but other poor countries where the government keeps all the money for them. I would also add that many countries have many good resources that they could get money from but they do not know how to manage it well and that is another reason they might be poor I think.

I agree. When countries are too poor to give a good education to its people, it is like a never-ending cycle. If no one is getting a full education, who is going to decide the politics that affect all of the citizens? I find this interesting because my friend is attending a school in Sao Palo, Brazil as a foreign exchange student from the United States. She told me how young and laidback the teachers were and that the students and teachers had a good relationship. She was surprised to see how engaged students were with their learning compared to how students in the U.S. are lazy and not interested in learning which is sad because students getting an education in the states don’t know how lucky they really are.

Education is the key to escaping poverty. Without education people will never have the knowledge to change what’s around them and get out of poverty. In brazils case it will be hard if the teachers have no laws or restrictions and are just thrown in there. My family has taught me that education is crucial to becoming family has taught me that having a job where you can use your brain instead of your body is important. Education is very valuable and every child should have the opportunity to get an education.

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