Suffering Women have few Resources

by JRajotte on September 13, 2013 - 10:02am

     In the article A Call for Aid, Not Laws, to Help Women in Italy , Published in New York Times on August 18, 2013, it is stated that Prime Minister Enrico Letta wants to make tougher laws in order to reduce domestic violence and the killing of women. The new laws will toughen the severity of the punishment, in order to reduce domestic, abuse, sexual violence and stalking, it is also stated that it will extend the protection to immigrant women who lack the residency permits. Yet after these announcements even more violence was committed. It is written that more than 80 women have been killed this year; most of them were killed by husband, boyfriends or former partners. From 2000-2012 approximately 2200 women were murdered around 74% of these women were killed by partners or former partners. The UN reported that 32% of the women from the age 16-70 where victims of domestic abuse. That’s around 1 woman killed every 2 days. Most women will not even report to authority. There is a major lack of resources for women, the article states that in Rome there is only one shelter available, which only offers shelter for 3 women for a period of one week. According to the Council of Europe task force Italy should have 5700 spots in shelters but only has 500 spots. Ms. Donato said: “The message that emerges is stay home, because if you leave there is nothing, or very little to help you,” Due to the economic crises less and less resources become available for the women in need.

     I believe that the government of should invest more resources into towards solving this issue, the increase in the severity of the punishment is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately, there is little money being attributed to this major social issue. The major road block for solving this issue is the economic hardship experienced in Italy, but at least there’s a sign of more political will which seems to want to create a change. If there would be more shelters and resources for these women more of them would leave their abusive husband and this would solve a part of the problem.


As a young women, I feel totally concerned about this major social issue. I am completely shocked. How can women be mistreated so much? At least, the government is trying to make a change, but its actions are unfortunately not working. As you were saying, more shelters should be available for mistreated women. I also suggest that social workers and other types of specialist should be accessible. In that way, women would be more encouraged to leave their violent environment. Hence, they would have hope for a better future. To finish on a positive note, I found your title interesting! It made me want to read your summary and was absolutely appropriate for the topic you were treating.

I am very surprised that there is nothing more being done to help this issue. You would think that the Italy government would start taking more active steps to solve the problem and to start helping women. If they don’t then the men might think that they will be able to get away with abusing/murdering their wife or girlfriend. Which is not okay. Something needs to change within the government for Italy.

I was interested in finding out where these women were suffering, and where resources were scarce, so I clicked on your post to find out. After I read the first few sentences of the post I realized how depressing it was! In our country we have many resources for women who are abused, and women are still afraid to speak up. I can’t imagine what it would be like if there was no help for women. I have had an experience with a suffering woman in my life, so it is awful to hear about places where there is no help for them. The statistics you put in the post were very appalling, and were good picks that got your point across. It is good that there is at least incentive in the country for better resources, but it seems that much more time and effort will have to be put into it in order to accomplish this task. I agree that laws are not the only step that this country will have to take, which was a good point to include in the post. More resources, like you mentioned, such as bigger shelters and more shelters could help this problem along as well. It is very sad that some countries are so poor that the safety of women citizens are being affected. This was a very interesting post, and it would be thought-provoking to investigate this topic in other countries as well.

This is definitely a sad situation. As far as the new laws are concerned, I read through the article and didn’t find the extent of the punishment before and after the recent laws were put in place. My philosophy professor recently said “there is not justice or injustice without government and regulation,” and I hope in this case whatever the harsher punishment is leads to justice. Hopefully a decrease in domestic violence will come once the government shows that this situation will be taken seriously. It is so sad to me that so many women are in need of a safe haven, and it is not available to them. The lack of resources to these women might add to the entitlement these men probably feel to abuse. There are no other options but to stay. Living in America, I have only ever seen this situation on an individual basis. In my area, soup kitchens, shelters and community action seem plentiful. This problem being such a social and wide spread issue is definitely hard to think about.

I completely agree with your opinion, more resources should be created no doubt. And also women should learn that it is not right to have to take this kind of abuse, and should not have to live through this under any circumstances. I find it disgusting that so many men would stoop to this level of idiocy. Men should have tougher punishments for such acts and it should be publicly said about the punishments to warn the men. It is so sad that women have to experience this, maybe because they do not have a reliable source of money to live on by themselves or they do not want to separate their children, but if this changes and more women have more resources such as shelters or extra money benefits, they know they can go to and rely on. But this issue of violence must change, there is nothing more upsetting then watching your mother being abused by your own father. It is horrible.

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