Is Quebec in The Process of Rewinding?

by NikitaRazzak on October 19, 2013 - 12:05am


The article named Amnesty International warns Quebec values charter would violate “fundamental rights” written by Benjamin Shingler inspires many truths about the Quebec society of today. In fact, the author of this article strongly believes that the Quebec Charter of values limits people’s rights to express themselves in their own way and to practice the religion that they believe in. It also puts people form different cultures on the spot because it gives them the feeling that they are not wanted. This is very contradictory on the government’s part because the Quebec society is supposed to be multicultural and welcoming to immigrants and different cultures, but in the end all that the government is doing, is pushing away people.

The Parti Quebecois announced that they would prohibit people from wearing religious symbols in workplaces because the society has to be neutral. Also, one of the main goals proposed in the charter was to promote equality between the sexes. The only problem is that by stopping women from wearing, for example, a hijab is basically stopping them from being who they are, which is not right because it will not help the situation, thus trouble is created for no reason. In this process, women and men get a part of their rights taken away. As the author stated, “For people, and particularly for women, who might be coerced into wearing a religious symbol, prohibiting them from wearing it will not solve the problem”.

Beatrice Vaugrante, executive director of the Canadian branch’s francophone wing, strongly believes that women should not be forced to wear the veil by anyone, either the government or an individual. Even she thinks that a law banning people from wearing religious symbols is not acceptable. This clearly shows that this Charter of Values not only touches people with different cultures, but also pure Quebecois.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Clair l’Heureux Dube states that he is in support of the proposal of marching against the charter and is planning on holding a news conference, according to Le Devoir. Statistics from the Leger-Marketing survey show that 52% were in favor of the proposal and 56% wanted the law to be tested in court.

In my opinion, this Charter of Values goes against what Quebec has claimed itself to be throughout the years. Indeed, most people would describe this province as multicultural because there are a multitude of different cultures and many reasonable accomodations for immigrants. But because of this Charter I have the feeling that our society is going backwards instead of moving foward. The reason being that the Charter of Values is bringing up problems that were not even there in the first place. Yes, there have been conflicts and discussions about religious accessories such as the kirpan and the hijab but I do not think that it is necessary to ban religious symbols. The Quebec government, in my opinion,  is taking this situation too far and is in the process of demolishing the province's fundamental values. All in all, if I could I would eliminate this Charter because all it is doing is getting people angry and is taking away people's fundamental rights which is absurd because people should have the right to believe in what they want without people telling them what to do.


I completely agree with you. This subject is very interesting and is one of my biggest frustration right now. I am not affected by this Charter in the sense that I do not wear religious signs or whatsoever, but I do think for other religious people. How unfair it is for them. You are right, I also believe that this Charter of Values goes against what Quebec has claimed itself to be throughout the years; a FREE country with MULTICULTURALISM. I understand that Quebec wants to keep the religion neutral to feel like we are all equal religiously. Which means that the religious people who want to wear religious signs; they can only wear it at home? The niqab, for example, is not something that you can just remove and put it back whenever you want for religious people, it's sacred. This completely removes the freedom and multiculturalism out of Quebec. Moreover, for me, I do not see why it is a problem to see someone wearing what they want because when I see someone with a religious sign on them, I am not feeling pressured by them to share their beliefs and wear what they wear. This is a part of what makes people unique, a part of who they are: it's what they believe in. If our freedom of expression, belief is banned, then I do not know where our world is going. What's next? We will not be able to say our opinion and have the chance to express ourselves? We will all look the same and act the same? No. This is ridiculous.

I agree with you.
I agree how the government is limiting people's liberty of expression.This a total controversy subject when Quebec expresses itself as being open to many cultures when it is trying to adopt a charter of values.How can immigrants feel welcome into the the province?.We don't even allow them to wear any symbols that they want to.Wearing a cross or even a hijab don't influence the judgement of the person.Religion and politic are two different subject.We shouldn't use religion as an excuse of the political issues of today.It is lying to ourself and ignoring the real problem of all the crisis of today in Quebec.

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