Overload of Smog in Beijing

by skye lecours on November 12, 2013 - 12:14pm

According to the article “Smoggy Beijing sees lung cancer cases soar” in the BBC News, the number of cases of lung cancer in Beijing increased of 50% over the last 10 years. Officials say that the main problem to this cancer issue is principally the fact that too many people smoke, though; the air pollution is also a major factor.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that the air condition they are living in may kill up to millions of people per year, which is huge just because of the air pollution. In 2002, per 100,000 people, there was 39.56 people diagnosed with lung cancer, where in 2011, it was a matter of 63.09 people. Like said previously, this is a huge jump and is twice as much as in 2002. It is mostly the patient’s life style that affects the fact that they have cancer, though the passive smoking plus the air pollution do not help the cause.  The WHO analyzed that breathing in fine particles gave 3.2 million premature deaths a year across the world and killed more than 200,000 people suffering from lung cancer.  “‘More than half of the lung cancer deaths attributable to ambient fine particles were projected to have been in China and other East Asian countries," said the WHO” (BBC News, 2013) The Chinese population say they are becoming worried about the air condition in their country, the air pollution creates a thick blanket that covers China due to a rapid economic expansion and no laws reinforcing laws to protect the environment. Not too long ago, in Jiangsu, an eight-year-old was reported to be the youngest person to be diagnosed with lung cancer, which is strictly from the air pollution and not necessarily because of smoking. The hospital denied the fact that it was because of the bad air conditions, though it is scientifically shown that is it strictly a pollution matter.


Personally, I find it pathetic how even though China succeeds very well economically and powerfully, they still have many problems health wise. It is unbearable to think that people are dying just because of the pollution overload in that country. It is not fair for young people to be diagnosed with lung cancer when they do not smoke and live a relatively healthy life. It is not their fault and China should be much more careful with the way they use the air and all the pollution they are doing. I find that in the world today people very careless when it comes to wasting and littering. We live in the same world as China so soon this situation may happen to us, and that is why we have to be cautious.






I absolutely agree with your opinon. It is very horrifying to hear about such stories happening on this planet. In fact, I feel that the only way to make this situation better, would be to ask other countries to contribute to the environment's well-being. The reason why I suggest this is because the main issue here, seems to be an environmental issue and the only way to solve world-wide problems is if everyone gets together and works towards a goal. This proposition might seem too idealistic but I believe that one step at a time, this situation will get better.
The reason why I appreciated your article is because you make valid points and one of them that really got me thinking was when you said that we could soon suffer from this as well if the wolrd keeps polluting the way it does. This article made me more aware of this situation and will definetely take more care of the environment for my part.

It is very shocking to know that young people of China suffer of something that they have completely no power on. Too many people are not conscious of the environment and soon or later, the consequences will no longer be reversable, and it is the young who will live the impacts. It is important that the overall population is aware of what is happening with pollution so that changes can be done. I think that we all agree on the fact that breathing should not become something dangerous. In our days, too many people are think only of making money and stop thinking about living and the present. As you said, we live in the same world of China so this situation concerns the world.This is why it is so important.

The idea that a country’s economic growth could be killing its people is a scary thought. I could not believe that there was a child of only 8 that was diagnosed with lung cancer because of the air pollution! I got the opportunity to visit Beijing and the smog over the city gave it the appearance that it was always overcast. This is a shame because Beijing is such a beautiful city and it’s sad to think that there are people dying there because there are not enough regulations in place to keep the air they breathe clean. I completely agree with you when you state that not only should China be trying to fix this problem but that other countries should be taking note of this situation as well. If we do not regulate our outputs in industry well enough then the outcomes could be deadly. I thought that you did a great job summarizing your article. I also thought that you used your statistics well by including them but not overwhelming your summary with them.

To me, this article is a little bit upsetting. I understand that China is doing very well and expanding, but obviously the air pollution is getting out of hand. If there is physical smog above the country, and twice as many people are dying from a cancer caused by this compared to only ten years ago, something needs to change. I find them to be very stubborn that they haven’t made any laws to protect the people of China, and that they continue to blame heavy smoking as the cause of this cancer that is killing millions annually, while I doubt that eight year old is a heavy smoker. I was unaware that this was occurring in China, and your article is very informative!

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