Oil Spills Become a Major Issue

by emiliebrochu on October 19, 2013 - 10:18pm

The oil spill in north Dakota would be the first major oil spill, it was discovered by a landowner on September 29. It mostly hit the low land about nine miles northeast of North Dakota. This major oil spill affected the groundwater sources and lets the department of health in concern. People had never seen this much land covered in ages, they said it looked like lakes, rivers and streams. In North Dakota they have a system where they gather oil from the Bakken Shale and deliver it to another Enbridge pipeline. According to how much barrels were in the pipeline, they know approximately 1,000 barrels of oil that leaked from the pipeline. They don’t yet know what caused the oil spill, or how long it will last. According to how much oil was spilled they know approximately how much repairs have to be done, such as the repairs in the line, containment and remediation work it could cost about 4 million.


In my opinion, this is extremely dangerous to the inhabitants that are living in the area that is being erupted. The animals and people are both in danger and it cost a lot in repairs for the people paying. But if this ruined inhabitants’ homes or other things, what will happen then. 


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This really opened my eyes to the dangers of oil spills. In the news you hear about oil spills in foreign countries or off some gulf, but to hear that there are oil spills in the US is fairly surprising. So many animals, habitats and even humans are being harmed. And to think that its so close and in our country is appalling. I believe the EPA should really start to be aware of the dangers that are happening in the US.

This post made me think about a growing issue of oil spills in the United States. These spills can have catastrophic effects on environments and eco-systems. Wildlife needs to be preserved not destroyed, it is our duties as citizens of the United States to protect it. Articles like this need to be brought to public attention so that people are more aware and can stop these events from taking place in the future. This post is great and I would like to see you use more specific examples of how the spill affected wild life. I want to know specific details of eco-systems that were involved. You could also give some closure to the article by explaining if the oil spill was ever cleaned up. Over all this was a great article and it needs to be publicly displayed in order to prevent future oil spills.

This reminded me of the enormous oil spill that happened in the gulf for months. This just gives another reason to stop the reliance of fossil fuels for our daily needs and to start focusing on other alternatives like renewable resources. Oil spills are detrimental to the environment. The oil spill in the gulf affected the marine life and many people living around that area. This could also affect ecosystems. What many people don't realize is that certain oil spills can seep into the ground and contaminate aquifers, which is dangerous to people relying on that for drinking water. This will result in them filtering it or not even drinking the water. Oil spills can negatively impact the economy, resulting in thousands or millions of dollars in repair. Companies, like BP, need to be more careful or find better ways to extract the fossil fuel. Or maybe find different alternatives like solar panels and etc. The oil spill affects us all.

This really is an interesting and the reason why I viewed the article was because of the title. I thought it was going to be about an oil spill in the ocean and not land because I did my bio project about the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Even though it is not about a spill in the ocean oil spills on land are just as bad because it affects plants, animals and the people. What if a farmers crops are ruined? What if that’s how he fed his animals? What if those animals were used to feed the town/village? What if now prices rise for food and people can’t afford it? Oil spills on land affect the environment and people just as much as in the water and it costs a lot to repair the lines and clean it up! I agree with your view that these are major issues and need to be taken more seriously! Great article!

As I was reading this it made me think about how our society is changing drastically. People don’t care about the environment, they just think about the profit and money they can make. I would have never thought that we could have an oil spill this close to us. It makes us realize that nobody is safe from these disasters. It kills so many animals and plantations it should be illegal to do these extractions so close of natural habitats. I believe the EPA should start to consider the dangers that are being created because of these oil spills. The government should implement laws to protect these natural environments because a lot of animals are going instinct.

This post was quite enlightening in many ways. I never actually realized how much damage an oil spill can cause especially with the whole over land spill. I never thought that oil could spill so much and far over land that would look like lakes and streams. It’s amazing that this much oil could spread and look like lakes and streams. Plus the damage that this amount of oil could easily cause is quite scary from an environmental standpoint, not to mention extremely expensive. This predicament of oil spills and the damage that they can and indeed do cause need to be solved as soon as possible in order to save a lot of money and natural resources/organisms.

I enjoyed reading about this damage of the oil spill and how it was an issue where it happened. I also agree that oil spills are a major issue that need more attention and prevention than they have. More on your piece, what comes to my mind when I hear oil spill are the animals and ecosystems damaged by the event. Growing up I was always an animal lover and when I saw the commercials about the dead or dying animals form oil spills it really got to me. An article specifically about just the effects on animals would coincide well with the article you read and enhance the message to support prevention of oil spills even further.

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