Need for Help: Russian Far East

by J Willis on September 13, 2013 - 4:23pm

Field and homes have been destroyed during weeks of downpours caused by cyclones over the pacific. Many agricultural businesses were also washed away. It also reached areas large as California and Texas combined. 7,000 homes were counted flooded and rescuers have evacuated 23,802 people. The damages were catastrophic and still are they now. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president said '' We're taking a beating, but we're getting stronger''. The environment is completely destroyed, for humans and also for animals, for example bears. Thus brings them closer to cities and to humans. It is getting worst each day, but there is a lot of human aid. Many country's are trying to help, like Japan who has giving a generous donation and there was also a plane from Minsk loaded with 43 tonnes of children's food that had landed in Blagovshchensk.


Whenever an area, a country, a region, etc, is in a bad situation like this, we should always be there to help whoever is in need. If it ever happens in Canada, we would really want to other countries to help us when we would be in need. Vladimir Putin is not doing enough actions to help his country. But could he do more than what he is already doing? I like to read that there is a lot of humanitarian aid for the flooded victims. Helping each other will bring us closer and that is something that should be thought of even more in the world.

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