Myanmar's Ethnic Cleansing

by Shouggie on November 15, 2013 - 3:37pm

According to the article '' Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar'' written by Moshahida Sultana Ritu on July 12th in 2012 in the New York Times, a civil war between the people of Myanmar exploded in the streets. Near the border of Bangladesh, in many villages belonging to the Arakan State, the Muslim population has been chased and murdered since the begining of June.

The Muslim population, also called Rohingyas, have recently been the subjects of violent torture and repression. However, they have been neglected in the country since its independence in 1948. The conflict is between the majority of the population, which is Buddhist, and the minority of people, which is Muslim.  

The country's media accused all Muslims living in Myanmar to be traitors and terrorists. The government has not only controlled the media in order to keep it quiet but also has declared to its citizens that in order to end the civil war, Rohingyas are to be expelled. This proposal arrived to the United Nations and, of course,  was rejected immediately.

This conflict is, according to the information gathered by journalists who found a group of Rohingyas escaping the villages, an ethnic cleansing approved and supported by its government.


As I was reading your summary, I was shocked to hear about this devastating religious war. This situation is very complex as it opposes two different groups within a same country. However, I cannot believe that the government actively supports the massacre and deportation of the Islamic population. In my opinion, it is totally revolting that the authorities of Myanmar have been neglecting and abusing its people during the last sixty-five years. Furthermore, the media of the country have attempted to spread a discriminatory image of the Islamic population, which is aberrant. Consequently, I believe that the United Nations should get involved in order to solve this major social issue.

It would have been interesting to know your opinion about this "ethnic cleansing" since you do not express it in this summary. Also, as you used an article written in July 2012, I am curious to learn about how the situation evolved in the last year. In the end, I was captivated about the subject you discussed, even though your summary was a little short.

I can't believe that such paranoia is even being practiced in Myanmar! Muslims are part of this country, whether they are minorities or they aren't... they shouldn't be discrimminated. I learned a lot from this summary as I wasn't aware of this war between the muslim community and the buddhist community. I was certainly also unaware the several murders it resulted in and find it unfortunate that such severe consequences only come from a few accusations! The muslims are already having it hard by being neglected in and alienated in the country, they shouldn't go through the risk of dying ONLY because of simple 'accusations'. Personally, as a muslim, I already continuisly feel the need to defend myself when I hear all the prejudice concerning terrorism and I'd hate to also feel in danger in my own country just because of the religion I practice.

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