Investing From The Canadians

by emiliebrochu on November 4, 2013 - 8:25pm

The british seem to be having major difficulties with their drive around export and attracting foreign investements. There were no healthy model, they were recently moving out of a crisis and beginning to rebalance by rising their exporting goods and emerging economy into Asia, Latin America and Africa. Since canada is having a good investement, good rate and contiuning to develop the economy. The british knew that their companies are trading into China and India, and also knew about the the growth, openess and how regulated the canadians were with their investments. They also knew that the Canadians were very big investors which they indeed like. They had spoke to the head office of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and british was successfully accepted to become in business with the countries in Canada. There are many questions concerning the article on the investements between Canada and British.

In my opinion, British might've done a good thing doing an investement with Canada because it might boost up their income and so on, but as for Canadian investements it might not be such a good idea in accepting since they might lose some profits.

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