Inequality in the Western World

by AlmaghrawiN on September 16, 2013 - 6:20pm

An article posted on September 11th, 2013, mentions that it would approximately take 25 years for Europe to improve its poverty levels. It was said by Oxfam that by 2025, more than 25 million Europeans will no longer have a proper way of living. It has been also said that the most unequal countries in the Western world are the ones who are affected by austerity.

The fact that the governments took action with austerity proves that they didn’t help the economy and developed an even higher level of poverty and inequality.

The issues that were raised from the austerity included the massive increase in inequality between the rich and the poor, and an increase in poverty. UK’s pay had decreased by 3.2% since the financial disaster. There would be little improvement because the decrease in mechanisms was a cause of austerity, that the only ones who would benefit were the rich.

Capital spending and investment have been taken to account by Oxfam, to help improve what austerity has done. The only way that living standards would be improved is to build a strong economy made up with people who work hard.

 I believe that the government should help build up their economy and give more job opportunities to the people, and that by doing this is will help improve the issue happening in Europe. We have to take this social issue seriously because Europe is the center of the world, and that many countries are affected with the issues happening in Europe. It’s like a chain reaction, if something goes wrong in one place the rest are affected by it as well.  


I agree with most of what you said. I think that Europe is a center of the world economically and socially, and if something were to go drastically wrong there then the rest of the world would definitely feel its effects. I also like that you said that the best way to improve the economic situation in Europe would be to develop a strong work ethic among its people. Along with limited help from the government, who could provide some jobs, the economy would most likely improve. Throughout history, it's been shown that a strong work ethic can overcome an adverse economy in a nation or region. The best example (in my opinion) is Japan after world war 2. The nation had lost an enormous chunk of its population and its economy was literally in shambles. However, through a little foreign aid and a lot of Japanese perseverance, their economy blossomed and is still doing great today. Also, the notion that the Japanese work hard in school and work has also carried over to the present day. I'm not trying to say that Europeans aren't hardworking, but if they followed a similar pattern I think they could do very well for their economy.

I was very surprised by reading this article of how the western world is slowly decomposing due to austerity. I have always thought that the western society is moving up in the world with their new forms of technology and modernization, but to my disbelief I was wrong. This article shows reliable and wholesome facts that could stun any reader. Its unbelievable to think that it would take 25 years for Europe to improve its poverty levels. It’s funny how the news portrays Europe as a growing nation. When we as the United States compare ourselves to Europe in terms of economics it doesn’t like we are doing much better as a whole I feel confident in looking at our economy and knowing that we will not head down this negative economical path. In conclusion, this is a great post I would like to see you take this further in to depth by pulling out more statistics within the western world.

I really like this article; this article gives good information on the economic status in Europe. This post brought to my attention how serious the financial crisis is in the UK, and Europe. The information you gave really hit me and made me realize how severe the poverty levels were. I think it is really scary that by 2025 more than 25 million Europeans will not have a proper way of living that is a large number. Another scary fact you stated was that UK’s pay dropped by 3.2%, it may seem like a small percent, but that small percent has a big impact. Thinking about this scare me because it is all so real. I also really like how you said that the only way to improve anything is to build a strong economy with hard working people, that is so true. Like you said if something goes wrong in one place the rest are affected as well, I agree with your view, you have a lot of supporting evidence.

I find it surprising to see how Europe is seen such as a powerful country but you said it would take more than 25 years to improve their poverty level which is a lot. I did not think their poverty status was this bad, I know that every country suffers from a bit of poverty but in your article you state that over 25 million people will be described as poor! That is huge. If you compare Europe to the United States for example, you would think Europe is much bigger socially and economically, though after reading this article I am not sure it is the case. I am not aware of the rate of poverty in the United States but i would be very surprised to know that it is bigger than Europe's. Very interesting article.

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