Is India different from other countries?

by sab_hachem on November 3, 2013 - 1:17pm


Malnutrition is a social issue that can affect every country but mostly those who its population live trough horrible conditions as a lack of food production and weak health care institutions. According to Unicef, “1 in 3 of the world’s malnourished children live in India”. It is the main explication to childhood deaths. Malnutrition doesn’t not only prevent the child to be extremely thin of too small of their age but it affected memory, social and emotional development. The lack of food is not only the cause of the all this tragedy. Indian girls had always been more underweight than boys. The bad medical conditions don’t help and they grow up being unhealthy and give birth to child with diseases. Which cause the wealth of the country to decrease. Children suffering from horrible health problems are not able to function properly at school. They grow up and repeat the same pattern as they parents lived trough.


It is extremely sad to read throughout this article and to realize how bad people across the country are living. Each human in this world have the right to eat, to drink water and to be safe from any harm. These are the essentials needs in life and to prevent millions and millions of persons from it is cruel. Still with all the efforts from the Government, the country is not enough strong to stand on its feet by itself. It needs help from more powerful states. The world is a common place where all of us live. Having that in common, shouldn’t it be enough to try to help those who needed it? 


I agree with this article completely and also do feel terrible about the poverty in India. It truly is sad to read that children in India are having poor developmental skills from lack of food and this causes them to do poorly in school. It makes me think of how some of the kids in the United States take education for granted, while kids in other countries wish to have access to an education. It also makes me think about how much we take food for granted as well. I can name almost 20 different kinds of food that I don’t like and would throw away if it were on my plate, meanwhile some kids don’t have a basic 3 course meal to eat—let alone a varietal choice. I also wanted to bring up something I found very interesting that I actually never thought about—the continuing cycle of this poverty. I knew that this poverty and its effects were very common in India, however I never really realized that this is continuing throughout the generations, and it is therefore important to not only stop the current poverty in India, but also stop future generations from experiencing this. I would like to see you take this a step further and research some of the countries that have been helping India, and if there has been (or if there is planning to be) any changes for India’s future.

I agree with your point of view on the article that not only should everyone have the right to eat and drink but have accessibility to these needed resources. However, what stood out to me about your article is that instead of talking about Africa, the needs for food and water are in India. Generally, you hear or see commercials that discuss the poverty of African children and you see images of how skinny the African children are. I never viewed India as a place with excessive malnutrition. Also, I never thought about lack of food and water leading to things such as emotional, social, and memory development. Maybe you could further look into places trying to help them or how Indian society's reached this poverty. Great job!

I did a report on India and I agree that it is still a developing country. India’s GDP is very high. This means it has a very good economy. But a high GDP is relatively new to India. India, like China, has a very low GDP per capita which gives an indication as to the wealth of the nation. The GDP is divided by the population. That is how they get GDP per capita. For example the GDP per capita is the U.S. is around $50,000. The GDP per capita in India is $3,500. I can definitely see how a country like India is struggling to feed its people and I think other nations like the U.S. can help.

I made many researches about India when i was in high school and nothing has changed i find.India has an expanding population which puts more pressure every year on food inventory or production.By letting India continue like this we affect every single individual since everything is related to each other.I find it looks like a domino effect. If a child doesn't get food,they will lose weight,develop disease or symptoms from the lack of vitamins and minerals,then they will develop medical conditions in which they cannot solve with the lack of money.Not only are children affected but pregnant woman too ! they will give birth to children with a certain symptom which doesn't make life in India any better.Something must be done to help India for instance send some water or food in which Canada or other countries can provide.

I completely agree with your point of view. I think it is quite selfish from us, rich countries, to restrain reacting to this the way we should. I believe that we are lucky in Canada where many people and children have the food, the water, etc. We are blessed and most of the time we don't realize it that much. We always complain and want more but I think that we should be thankful and instead of thinking only about ourselves, we should put more importance on people that do need the help. Not only in India but everywhere, some people might need food and water more than you do. I think that it is ridiculous that even today the children in India and other places do not have the minimum food or water. Like you said, everyone deserve the equality of having food at least to be slightly healthy. Children grow up with this problem and it is a traumatizing experience especially for children.

We take so much for granted living in the United States, yet we all seem to complain all the time? I agree with this response, I could never imagine going throughout the day without food or water, let alone multiple days! I like how you included the “malnutrition doesn’t not only prevent the child to be extremely thin of too small of their age but it affected memory, social and emotional development…” This is stating, not only is there a real issue relating to a lack of food, but also a domino effect associated with it. I decided to choose this article, because I have family from Turkey. By no means the same place, but relating to similar issues. My family there was living comfortably in Turkey, but they prefer the United States. It was great to read this article, because it was a little reality check to me, that things really aren’t as bad as they seem. I just wish there was more ways to help these people out

I am currently enrolled at college to become a nurse. I wanted to become a nurse because my main goal was to make sure that I could feel good knowing at least one person had a better life because of me. I also wanted to make sure that everyone in my reach would receive the same level of medical care, as the next person, and that no person would be left out. With this article, I feel like I need to help. I have wanted to become a nurse now for so long, that when I read about something like this it confirms why I want to become a nurse in the first place. To think that children do not have the basic living materials such as food and water hurts. I watch as people throw away tons of food because we Americans are simply too full to eat it. At the dining halls here, half the food goes into the garbage. I wish there was a way to feed the hungry in India with the food we do not need. So I agree with you that India needs help, and the states need to step up and provide that help. I never want to hear a person dying of malnutrition, and to hear that children are dying in India because of this is devastating.
Living in the United States has given me the privilege of food and water without every worrying about it. Not once have I starved, and not once have I been parched for water. I wish every kid had that good fortune. One thing that you touched on in your article that I liked was that you talked about how the cycle repeats itself. If a parent is sick because of malnutrition, then the child is born with disease, then the countries wealth is decreased. This is a nasty cycle. I would love to hear more about this problem! It would be really cool if you had statistics to go along with your research! Also I love it when I read personal stories from someone who has gone through the problem the news talks about, it would add to your article to have a person such as this. I think people then would truly get the problem that needs to be addressed here. Good job writing this very informative article.

One of my favorite Authors is Nicholas D. Kristof he focusses a lot on worldly issues such as world hunger, women’s rights and the rights of all people. Kristof specifically focusses on individuals who live in underprivileged and under devolved counties. I am not sure where why or even when I became so concerned about world hunger. All I know is that no one in the world should go hungry. We have a surplus of food which means that everyone especially children should have access to food and clean water. I agree with you that these life essentials should be fulfilled by stronger governments if the own country cannot provide for their people.

We need to wake up, having access to all this information and statistics one would think that we would get up and do something. Maybe it's time we stop making the rich even richer, and pay attention to those who don't even have clean water to drink. Its so unfortunate that while a minority of the world is able to drink and eat and dispose carelessly, the majority of have to get by on a dollar a day. Im not saying that the plight to stop world hunger not only in india but in many other countries will be difficult , but we will never know if we do not try.

The title of this article jumped out at me. I began to think of how India is different from other countries. Is it there spices, buildings or is it the music? I didn’t know but I wanted to know. This article opened my eyes to the blessings I take for granted on a daily basis. I honestly do not favor the foods on campus because it is not what I am accustomed to. However, I did not know that one in every three children in India are malnourished. They are just born into the world as everyone else is. They didn’t choose where they would be born but it just happened to be India. I feel that since this is a third world country, the countries with more abundance in materials and food should help out the less fortunate. We have the resources and have no excuse as to why we shouldn’t help them. If it were us, we would help. So what is stopping us?

I choose to comment on this because malnutrition and poverty is something that I care about a lot. Whatever I can do to help, no matter how little, I try to do it. It horrible to think about the amount of food we waste, when some people have nothing to eat. It’s the reason why I try to waste the less food possible when I eat. Although it’s the sad reality that there are still people out there that lack the food they need when we have the technology to feed everyone on this plant, there are things that we can do to change it. Donation to a charity is one of many things that people can do to help. Volunteering in soup kitchen is another local way to help.

I chose to comment on this article, because I have been to India a few times and I have seen with my own eyes the things that you described. It is extremely horrifying, because these people do not deserve to be in the situation that they are in. Like you said, everybody on this planet has the right to be fed, hydrated and sheltered. These are the basics on Maslow's hierarchy of needs! But then again, malnutrition an poverty are present everywhere, saldy. But the more optimistic side shows that there are solutions , it is now the time to put them into actions!

I completely agree with what is begin said in this article. When i first read this article i was instantly shocked because i felt i was so unaware with what was going on in other countries. it made me really think about things like fate and destiny. i thought about how i could have been born in India had things been a little differently. i truly don't believe any child deserves this. All children are innocent in my opinion. I believe other more powerful countries really need to join in and help out as much as they can. Its a tragedy that anyone can see this happening and not want to help.

I agree with your point of view. It is horrible to think that here in Canada we take food for granted while in other countries people are dying of hunger. I must admit that for me, as I am sure that many people think that, food is common for us in Canada. We have groceries packed with vegetables fruits and meat. We over consume food and many of us throw it out when the expiration date is past. But how can we have so much food and still some countries today are starving ?? I find it bad that other countries don't help out. They should be ashamed of themselves. We should all lend a hand to these people in need.

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