Homosexual Discrimination in Russia

by gagnonpamela on September 13, 2013 - 9:08pm

The article “Russian lawmaker wants to take children away from gay parents” written by Gabriela Baczynska is all about homosexual discrimation. It has only been a few years that homosexuality is legalized in Russia, more specifically in 1991. Obviously, there are still people in Russia who think homosexuality is wrong and that it is a mental problem. Some Russians even think homosexuals should be prosecuted; therefore, according to them, homosexuality should be abolished. One of the most important things we have to know in Russia is that they do not encourage gay people and that is why they want to make a law for taking away children from homosexual parents. Lawmakers want to make sure that children are not a witness of same-sex relations at a young age. It could make those children think that it is normal to be in a relation with someone of the same sex which could result in an increase of homosexuality in Russia. The more there is same-sex relations, the less they have a high birth rate which is bad for Russia. Also, same-sex sexual intercourse increases the risk of becoming infected with HIV\AIDS. However, this law might not be applied because Vladimir Putin mentioned that the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky well known in Russia was homosexual and very respected and appreciated. According to Putin, this appreciation for the composer is a proof that Russia accepts homosexuals.


Personally, I think that homosexuals should not be discriminated. We should be ashamed of ourselves to consider them inferior to heterosexuals. Yes, to make babies being heterosexual is useful, but we were all created differently with our own opinions. Every human should have the right to be happy and if they are happy with another person of the same-sex then we should let it be. I understand the low birth rate issue but aside from that, I do not see where the real problem is. Homosexuals are people like everyone. If the happiness of someone is to have a baby but they cannot because they are the same sex, then adopting is a great option. In fact, adopting a child is a great act because there are a lot of orphans in this world who need loving and caring parents. For example, many gay parents like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka adopt children for good reasons. As long as we respect each other, heterosexual or not.




This is a very interesting subject to discuss, since this is a problem that is unfortunaletly present in many other places in the world and because we've heard about it a lot in the medias lately! In my opinion, the Russians who believe that homosexuality will decrease the birth rate of the country should focus on solutions to increase the birth rate and encourage citizens to expand their families instead of blaming homosexuals. What some Russians should also try to understand is that homosexuality isn't contagious and that children exposed to it at a young age won't necessarily turn out gay.
I find it very frustrating that still today, homosexuals have to face discrimination in certain countries. I completely agree with you when you state that everyone deserves to be happy, whether they are attracted to people the same sex as them or not.

I personally think that the media should give homosexual discrimination in Russia even more attention, which will create pressure towards the Russian government and will, hopefully, influence Russian authorities to start making the sufficient efforts to erase this problem.

I really like that you chose to talk about such an important topic in todays world. I found it so shocking that Russians believed that homosexuality would decrease birth rates. I agree with you in saying that homosexuals should not be discriminated against. Also I liked that you gave us some insight as to how Russians thought or many still think. I come from a very open-minded family, from that I myself, have grown to be open-minded. In the near future I hope that all people no matter what culture, gender, sexuality, or race are equal across the globe.

I agree 100% that homosexuals shouldn’t be put down just for who they love in comparison to heterosexuals. Using one recognized homosexual as proof for acceptance in the country isn’t right and fair. Claiming someone is unfit and wrong to care for a child is terrible to say. Gay couples are perfectly capable to care for children and even in some cases, care for a child better than a heterosexual couple. Even though same sex couples increase the risk of spreading AIDS and HIV through intercourse, people shouldn’t put down homosexuals and instead should promote safe sex in the relationships. Blaming gays isn’t the mature way to deal with it and I believe love is love no matter the gender of those included.

Hi, I really enjoyed reading your text. I really learned a lot of things concerning homosexuality in Russia. I liked how before giving your opinion on this matter, you started by giving the reader some information about the current situation so we can follow better and understand your point of view further in the text. I totally agree with you on how we should let homosexual people be allowed to have children and that we should not discriminate them. I find that taking a child away from his parents, whether they are homosexual or not is just simply cruel. I think that countries are always in competition to show who is the strongest and powerful. Many big countries such as the United States and Russia care about their international image. Unfortunately, the modern mascunilinty image really values masculinity and heterosexuality, and I think this is what pushed Russia to consider doing that. According to many point of views, men must represent virility and be the doers to look powerful. As homosexuals according to modern masculinity are seen as loss of power and authority, Russia does not want there country to be seen like that. He wants his country to be seen as strong and powerful, and not as weak. As I have learned in my humanities class, masculinity is often seen as the ultimately mark of power. This made me think of the "man box". In the box, there are many words describing men that society values, such as strong, tough, in control, powerful and intimidating. And outside the box, there are words that certain men are called if they do not conform to the man box. These words are often related to homosexuality. So homosexuality is still not well seen. Therefore Russia wants to conform to the man box in order to be a powerful and authoritarian country in front of others. For more information on the man box, I recommend you this site: http://www.wgac.colostate.edu/men-and-masculinities

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