Going Against Fundamental Rights

by skye lecours on September 17, 2013 - 9:53pm

 In the article found on Le Devoir, the author describes a major problem that is happening in Quebec these days. The Government, in other words, the Premier Pauline Marois, has forbid its employees to wear any religious objects. This being said, the law banned Muslim headscarf, Jewish skullcap, Sikh turban, and large Christian crosses. Pauline Marois believes that this is necessary for society to function in neutrality. Many people are offended by this decision and have been manifesting in the streets of Montreal lately to demonstrate their anger. Salma Ahmed, who is a 17-years-old manifesting for her own rights, states that this law goes against their religious freedom. This law only applies for the people who are working for the Government; therefore, she says that it makes her hesitant about her job decision for later on.  There has been a petition going around in order to end this law, the petition started on Tuesday September 16th and to this day, there is already 12 000 signatures. This shows that it is not only the religious people that are offended by this law but also many people in general. They believe that everybody has the right to their freedom and wearing their religion on them is a form of freedom.  It has never happened that the Government has excluded its population this way, and that is why people are so insulted. 

            I do not practice any religion, though I believe that what the Government is doing is taking away a fundamental right. Wearing some symbol of religion can, for some people, be very important and I do not think it is right for the “Parti Quebecois” to just ban that right that they have always had. I am aware that this law is only for people working under the Government, though, if they install this rule, then maybe less people are going to be willing to work for the Government since they do not agree with the decisions they make. Everybody has the right to their own freedom, and their religious freedom is one of them, therefore they should be allowed to either wear the headscarf, the skullcap, the turban or even the cross whenever they want, how they want it and this, without having to manifest in the streets and fight for their rights. We are supposed to be a multi-ethnic country, the fact that people demonstrates their religion a certain way makes diversity in the country, though, if they cannot demonstrate their religion, everybody will be seen as the same. 






This post is interesting to me because I believe that the government has too much power and takes away many fundamental rights. Growing up in the U.S. I have witnessed multiple ways in which fundamental rights are limited by the government. Our democracy is supposed to be based off of fundamental rights, but that is not how it is. For example, the government stops assembly’s of people speaking out against the government, which is a violation of the first amendment, which is the freedom of speech. Another example is our government is now flying drones over the U.S., which spy on people. This is an invasion of the fourth amendment, which is the right to privacy. This is a great post and I would like to see how the government reacts to the petition and what the outcome will be.

I really like your subject and the way you described the situation. It's good to know that the 'charte des valeurs québécoises' is not only very annoying to religious people, but also to a lot of non-religious people in Quebec. I find the title very appropriate because I do believe that it is going against important fundamental rights. I also believe that the government does have much more power than it should and with this issue of what they call 'equality and justice' in Quebec still going on today, I really want to know how this story is going to end.

This article is on a very interesting topic, I really like the way you wrote your blog it made me become hooked as soon as I read the first two sentences. I agree with your stand point is the government is creating an infraction on religious freedom, even if it is just for employees that work for the government. I think it’s great that 12,000 people already in 4 days have signed the petition because people should stand up for what they believe in! I think that people should be able to express their beliefs no matter what job they have its wrong to tell people what they can and can’t show or wear. We have our personal rights as human beings and the government shouldn’t be able to take that away from us just because they have “power”.

Your title pretty much sums it up, this law is going against fundamental rights because no one can take away someone's right to believe in something. I also liked the fact that you said that there were 12 000 signatures on the petition, which strongly backs up your point that MANY people are against this law. It is stated in La Charte des droits et libertés de la personne that everybody is allowed to practice their own religion and no one can take that right away from them !
I would also like to add that the fact that you said that you dint follow any religion and that you still found this offending was very pertinent because it shows that our society is understanding and that this law is really absurd !

I completely agree with you. You have the rights to not wear any religious symbols if you want but it should be the same for the people that want to wear it. I would also add that the fact that people wear religious symbols does not make pressure on the others to do the same; therefore, I do not see the problem. We are supposed to be a country with the freedom of speech and religion is a way to speak what you believe.

I completely agree with your statement. Canada is known throughout the world for its human rights and this is one of the reasons why we have such a diverse population. For example, if we look at Montreal we can see that there are numerous different parts in the city which have their own cultural villages. Little Italy & China town are two of these examples. If the government decides to ban all religious symbols, this is going against The Human Rights. The government is going against the freedom of thought and that we are free and equal. These two rights say that we are allowed to our own thoughts and ideas & that whatever someone believes in is allowed to express his cultural opinion. If the government removes the right to demonstrate religious symbols, this will take out what Canada means to the world: a country with freedom of expression and that everyone is equal.

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