China's "One-Child Policy" Backfires?

by NikitaRazzak on November 16, 2013 - 1:31pm


It is known that China has been very strict concerning the amount of children that a Chinese woman can produce. This law is also known as the “One-Child Policy” and recently, it has been “loosened”. In fact, it has been stated in the BBC article named “China reforms: One-child policy to be relaxed “  that in  the future , couples wanting to have more than one child would be able to if one of them was an only child.

Recently, a 22,000 word document written after the Third Plenum meeting of the Communist party in Beijing,  included several announcements and changes in China’s policies. In fact, the commnunist leadership discussed that China’s population was aging greatly and that this could severely affect it’s labour pool and  health care for the elderly. In fact, it is estimated that a quarter of this country’s population would be over the age of 65 by 2050.

 The one-child policy has been very strictly enforced throughout the country but there are some areas that possess more liberty. Indeed,  in certain cities, both parents must be only children for them to have more than one child. As opposed to the countryside, where two children are permitted if the first one is a girl. If the couples did not follow the rules they would either lose their property, their jobs or they could be fined. Some other extreme cases involve women being forced to abort their child.

This policy has also created a huge gender imbalance in the Chinese society, to a point where  “China will have 24 million « leftover men » who, because of China's gender imbalance, will not be able to find a wife.”

 In my opinion, this ‘’One-Child policy’’ that was formed in the 1970’s, “to curb rapid population growth.”is too extreme because it is controlling the life choices of families. I believe that every person on this earth deserves to live the life that they want and they should not be told what to do at all times. How can someone force a woman to abort her own child?Therefore is it a good thing that the Chinese government has decided to “loosen” this policy because it is one step closer to the Chinese population’s liberty. I think that it is ironic that this policy was put in place because it was thought to be a solution, but instead it backfired because China now possesses an imbalance amongst the two genders, which will greatly affect this population’s future growth. It seems as if the government only cares when it affects the economy but in the end, the only ones who truly suffer from the consequences are the Chinese people, right?



The title of your article caught my attention. The subject of the “One Child Policy” in China has always been one that has interested me. I was therefore curious to see why this policy has backfired on China. Chinas aging population will have a negative effect on its labor force in the long run and I think China is beginning to realize that. Having an aging population is a huge problem for a countries economy, especially one that is being to shift towards a more capitalist economy. Labor is one of the primary resources in economic growth and a young, educated population is needed for this. The “One Child Policy” is one I have always strongly disagreed with. It has caused many problems with the abortion of children, especially females, and has created an imbalance in the population in regards to gender. I think that the Chinese government shouldn’t permit themselves to put such strict laws into place. I think that the number of children one has should not be dictated by the government. It is a personal choice that should not have any legal consequences. Women are being forced to abort and abandon their children because of these policies. Overall, I think it is interesting to see that the Chinese government is beginning to reduce its’ polices. I think the government should reconsider this “One Child Policy” seeing as though it looks to be causing more problems then solutions to its country’s problems.

I actually agree with the one child policy in China. The population is way too high and if the government doesn't put restrictions the population will just keep growing. The policy isn't the problem. It's the mentality that "boys are better than girls" that they have in China that is causing the imbalance in gender for their population. Also there are contraceptives that the government could make an effort to make more affordable to the population so that even the poorest don't have to suffer the pain of giving up a child, male or female. If the citizens are really having trouble with accepting girls the government could take a leaf out of the Canadian book and have Child support for families that decide to keep their girls in order to encourage the Chinese not to abort them or give them away when their first child is a girl. Over time it would probably even out the numbers again.

Recently in my sociology class we have been talking about families and china’s “one child policy came up” and I have to say I do agree with you on, no one should tell you how to live your life part to a point. When it comes to the government then yes they shouldn’t have a say in people’s life. I feel as if that would be crossing a boundary that should never be crossed but you also shouldn’t be going out and having fifteen billions kids when you can’t afford it because it going against the norm of an ideal family with the white picket fence. I also think that it is a brilliant thing that china is changing or loosening their policy. You should check out this website you will be able to see the potential outlook on population in any country. Check it out!

China’s “One-Child Policy” is extremely interesting to me. The fact that the government has the power to tell a family how many children they can have baffles me. I live in the United States where we have no such policy like that. Also, I have a big family and I am one of four children. I can’t imagine my mom being told that she cannot keep all four of her children, or someone forcing her to stop reproducing after her first born. This shows how China’s history still plays a major role in its society today. It is also interesting how you explained that China has a rapidly aging population. Therefore, officials are nervous that the labor population will be lacking. It is ironic that only now, when they need to increase their youthful population in order to have economic security will they allow people to have more then one child. It is interesting how limiting the number of children a family can have is an idea that people in the United States would never be able to grasp while in China it is a socially accepted norm.

Aside from hearing a small chunk of China's new policy in class, your post nailed it when it came to my curiosity of this new policy. The One Child Policy is something any educated person hears about and China's population growth is always a concern, therefore, this new policy is something that should be taught to people in school and something people should know. You make a very interesting point when you talk about the gender imbalance and how many 24 million men will have difficulty finding a wife. If these twenty-four million men cannot find a wife, then they wont be able to reproduce which can possibly lead to a population decrease. Additionally, as an aging society the elder's will have less people of the younger generation to take care of them. Also, even though many couples can now have two children that still limits many people from having more than one child which simply takes away freedom that the Chinese have not had for many years now. However, in the United States it still seems strange people do not have the freedom to have as many kids as they want.

I totally agree with you and I really like the way you said what you thought about this subject. When you think about it, if China keeps on going like this it will, like you said, disadvantage them in the end since in a few years, there will be too many men for not enough women. Therefore the ratio will not be strong and the men will not be able to find a women with whom they can reproduce so therefore it is a vicious circle. If the population growth stops increasing, then the economy will do the same and it will lead to some sort of chaos. Also, like you mentioned, it is unfair for a married or unmarried couple to have to be told how many children they are allowed to have. The number of children should be a free choice for everybody and if they can afford to have 5 kids, well so be it and good for them! It should not be in the government hands to decide this kind of decision since its a personal choice.

I think your post is very interesting because I always wondered about the details involved with the one child policy. I never knew the consequences that a family would face if they did have more than one child. I also think you did a very good job with providing information on the topic because I learned a lot of new things from your post and you also influenced my opinion. I used to think that maybe the one-child policy was a somewhat good idea because the world especially in china, is overpopulated and there needs to be some sort of control over that. However, forcing women to have abortions is obviously wrong. Also, in my opinion making choices for a family about how many kids they can have is a violation of their rights. It is definitely a good idea to loosen the policy. Furthermore, in my Sociology class we recently learned about how there is an aging population in Japan but from reading your post it shows that china has this issue as well. Although, I did not know that this was due to the backfire of the one child policy until after I read your post. Great job, this is one of the most informing and interesting posts I have read so far!

The population was ever growing in China and the government was looking to stabilize the population in a short amount of time. This indeed backfired. There are many methods in which a government can decrease its population by practicing safe sex, handing out birth controls and most importantly education. In my opinion, this was effective in reducing the population but the consequences it created definitely outweigh the benefits. This has disrupted the population pyramid by the simple gender imbalance. In China, there is favoritism which families prefer boys over girls. This reminds me of the movie we watched in Sociology called Somewhere between, this documentary followed four Chinese girls who were adopted by American families. Overall this policy left families with no option but to abandon their daughters because they would have been either taxed heavily or would have lost everything. I agree with your point that everyone should be able to decide how many children they want to have besides being forced into having two. If we want to stabilize a population we need to think long term and a healthy solution as well. I am happy that they have made One Child policy less strict. Overall, nice article to read.

I found this blog article really interesting for two reasons. One being that I think it is ridiculous that China is that controlled to the point that they are controlled by how many children a family wants to have. It shouldn’t be up to the government to decide that it should be up to the parents to and whether they can afford it. The second reason I found this article interesting is because recently in my sociology class we had been talking about the “one-child policy” and my teacher showed us a graphic display of the population male and female going back a ton of years, to now, and to what it would be like in about 20 more years. It showed that because of the one-child policy there were a ton of elderly people and very little younger people. And in China it is common for elderly people to be living with and taken care of by their younger family members. Because of the one-child policy, it has caused a huge tense in the amount of elderly that are currently and will continue to grow to depend on the very small amount of younger aged people in China. I believe that the one-child policy, although it may have been thought of to be good for the country is actually hurting it and will continue to hurt it more with the instability and huge amount of differences in ages populations.

I have been hearing a lot about the changes going on for the one child policy, so seeing this post caught my attention. I think it’s a great thing that china is finally giving some slack on the policy, I understand the policy was made because china was becoming over populated, but it ended up having bad consequences such as women getting abortions, and many baby girls being put up for adoption. I don’t think the government should be able to control the size of your family or your life choices. So in a way this is major improvement for the Chinese government. Your post was very informative and provided me with more details about the changes being made in china.

Your title did a great job drawing in my attention! Also, my sociology class was just talking about China’s one child policy, so I thought your post would be a good topic to explore more about outside the classroom. I very much agree with you that the one child policy is wrong and is against human rights. I think that nobody should be limited by the government how many children they can have, and if they go over the limit, they then have to abort the child. That is definitely wrong. I understand why China created this policy, but I think their bigger problem they need to focus on is about the gender imbalance that you brought attention to in your post. I agree that this could be a huge problem for their future because the Chinese only want men as their children. This could become extremely difficult for men in their future because they might have a difficult time finding a wife. Your post assumes that the one child policy is completely wrong but others might not agree with that assumption. Although I agree, some may say it is a good thing for their country because their population is growing too rapidly and they need something to stop it from getting out of control. The only problem with the policy is the aging population that is continuously growing, which you did a great job explaining in your post.

I agree with you that China’s “One-Child Policy” is ridiculous when it comes to a person making their own choices and having the freedom to raise a family the way that they would like. The idea that the Chinese Government originally had to reduce the growing population may have been ideal at the time, but it has gotten out of hand. Forcing women to have abortions is inhumane and not right. I understand that the population was rapidly growing when the policy was first created, but the route that China took to solve the issue is backfiring, due to their aging population today. I agree with your reflection in saying that it is unfortunate that this policy was created because it has caused an imbalance of genders. Living in the United States, it seems absurd that the Government of China would put this restriction on citizens. Being told how to live your life and raise a family is not the way it should be. I cannot imagine living in China and having such restrictions and with little freedom to make personal decisions. My family means a lot to me and it is sad that the citizens of China do not have the opportunity to feel this way. It is unfortunate that China has accepted this policy as a norm, but the changes that the government has made are positive for the citizens of China.

I was attracted to your article by the title. China has been known largely for their one child policy and everyone all across the globe has different views of it. I find it ironic that they’re loosening their hold on that policy now. In my sociology class we spoke a great deal about China’s one child policy. Honestly I never thought that they would ever ease up on that policy anytime soon. In class we spoke about how more than often the parents would want a son as their only child because it would better them in the future. With that going on it created a popular demand of a son as a child. As you said that creates a gender imbalance, and in the long run that doesn’t help the population. A ratio where there are more men than women is never a good thing. For example (not actual ratios supported with facts just random numbers) if the ratio is 4:1 (four men to each woman), there’s going to be a very large problem when these kids grow up and there isn’t enough people to mate with one another. In a sense I guess the policy backfiring could’ve been expected, I just didn’t expect it to happen any time soon.

I was attracted to your article by the title. China has been known largely for their one child policy and everyone all across the globe has different views of it. I find it ironic that they’re loosening their hold on that policy now. In my sociology class we spoke a great deal about China’s one child policy. Honestly I never thought that they would ever ease up on that policy anytime soon. In class we spoke about how more than often the parents would want a son as their only child because it would better them in the future. With that going on it created a popular demand of a son as a child. As you said that creates a gender imbalance, and in the long run that doesn’t help the population. A ratio where there are more men than women is never a good thing. For example (not actual ratios supported with facts just random numbers) if the ratio is 4:1 (four men to each woman), there’s going to be a very large problem when these kids grow up and there isn’t enough people to mate with one another. In a sense I guess the policy backfiring could’ve been expected, I just didn’t expect it to happen any time soon.

I have mixed feelings about your post. On one hand I have to agree with you that the government should not have a say in a family matter such as this. However I disagree because China’s population was growing so rapidly that the country could not provide for all of its citizens. Therefore, the one child policy was introduced. Having an aging and unequal population is a serve problem for many Asian countries especially China. Since many people in China have the attitude that boys are better than girls because boys can take care of their parents land is where the real problem lies.

Although China does have a huge population, the citizens should not be punished for it. I agree with you that parents deserve to have the right to have as many children as they please, as long as they can handle it. No one should be restricted to the amount of children a family has. I feel that China is being completely unfair with the One-Child Policy. I feel like "loosening" this rule would be a great idea for China because it shouldn't be the Chinese government's idea on how many children each family has. This world is a big place, gender imbalance shouldn't be a problem as the Chinese can move away and get married somewhere else. The problems China has with population can be fixed with time but restricting families of having as many children as they want shouldn't be a solution.

This post caught my attention because in my Sociology course we just watched a video of adopted girls in the United States from China, because the One-Child Policy made the parents abandon these girls. I remember growing up, and seeing this policy mentioned on TV. I never really thought much of it then. I had a big Italian family with many cousins, and no one was ever an only child. I never thought back then that there are people around the world that are restricted in how many children they can have. I agree with you that these people are being restricted in what their rights should be for their families. I believe that everyone should have the right to a big family if they want too, and reading this post backs up my belief. The imbalance in men to women is unbelievable. To here that the gap is that big, China should be loosening up on their policies. Not only for this reason, but also for the healthcare problems they are going to have with the older people way out numbering the younger population.
One thing I would have loved to see in this article is how your personal experience growing up has shaped your opinion. If you include this in your article, your article would turn to outstanding. This article is so informative, and I am really happy that I found it! Great job!

I found your response very interesting. I was drawn to your article because I have read a lot and seen a lot of documentaries on TV about the subject you are speaking of. I personally have never agreed with the “One Child Policy” but only because of the issue of freedom of the Chinese people. It was interesting to read how it has created a population imbalance and issues with not enough labor supporting the economy. I had never thought of the issue in those terms. From your article I gathered the policy has created more problems than most people know about. I completely agree with the portion of your response that talks about how it is wrong to deny women the right to bear children and that everyone should have the liberty to decide how to live their life and create families.

Your article immediately caught my attention because I find China's "One Child Policy" to be very interesting. It is easy to understand how a US citizen would find the "One Child Policy" a little bizarre; here we are not accustomed to the government making such decisions for us. However, in the United States we do not have a population of over one billion people. The country of China has the highest population of any country in the world. It is hard enough for the Chinese government to find jobs and food for their people as it is, by lifting the restriction on the "One Child Policy" it will only create more of a difficult time providing essentials for their people. The job market would become more competitive, there wouldn't be enough food to go around and there is too much air pollution there as it is, adding to the population would only add more people to contribute to the air pollution. It may seem fair to allow people to choose their own paths as far as having kids goes, however keep in mind how out of control the population of China is already, the one child policy was put in place for a reason.

I want to start off by saying that I am pro-choice. I believe that a woman should be able to get an abortion if they desire to do so. In the same sense, I believe that a woman should have the choice to not abort their child. The government controlling what a pregnant woman should do with their unborn baby is beyond me. This “law” disgusts me because while it is better now that it is “loosened” it shouldn’t even be a law at all. I completely agree with your view. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you for posting this article, I find the “One Child Policy” to be very interesting. It is considered to be a social topic, but also an ethical dilemma. As an American and having the rights to have as many children as I can support, it must be difficult to obey the government if a couple wants to have a large family. I understand that after the child establishes themselves and the parents grow older, the child will take upon caring for the parent as a part of their culture. The Chinese culture is very fascinating, seeming as though the authorities are very different that how I grew up. In our sociology course, we watched a documentary known as “Somewhere Between”. The documentary explored the lives of four girl Chinese adoptees who were abandoned due to the “One Child Policy”. It was fascinating to watch how the abandoned children feel about the policy in their home country. The four girls were all adopted by American families and “Americanized”. This article was very interesting, and it is good to hear that China will “loosen” the policy due to backfiring of the policy.

At first , when I heard about the One Child Policy, I thought how could the government possibly tell a family how to live their lives. Living in America where almost anything goes considering how you want to live, it really bewildered me. But now that I'm older I see how population had affected the over populated country in the mid 1900's. In my opinion all the country's leaders are trying to do is keep the country stabilized and have equal oppurtunities for everyone. The only problem I see is the peoples obsession with boy children. Not only is this leaving millions of little girls abandoned but its also going to cause a drop in population as there are no females to populate with.

The most interesting fact that caught my attention was that there will be a large uneven ratio of males to females. I do not think that it is okay to control someone’s life that much where they can only have one child. Maybe if I were to live in China I would be more willing to understand the method to this policy. It makes me happy that this policy is being lifted because families can actually expand. Families can hopefully start to live a life that they wanted with more than one child. Most families have more than one child in the United States and it would be absolutely insane to start a policy like that here.

I really enjoyed reading your article. I have always known about the one-child policy that china has had but I never really thought about what that meant. Mainly because in America were so used to people having and wanting semi big families. There are barely and Movies or stories about families with an only child in the United States. So to hear that their “plan” is backfiring actually makes sense now that I understand more about Chinese culture. Now I know that a boy is preferred, so if a boy is preferred then everyone’s going to try to have a boy, and then if everyone tries to have boys then eventually it won’t balance out anymore. I think you did a very good job and spreading awareness about different changes and modifications that are happening in other countries.

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