Is Canada having a problem with missing aboriginal women ?

by DThibault on November 24, 2013 - 2:37pm

Canada for some years have been dealing with a certain phenomenon which implies missing aboriginal women.Canada has pledge to its citizens that many nessesary steps will be taken in order to investigate on missing women.Some people such as James anaya has been taking this penomenon very seriously and is looking at all the cases where aboriginal women are gone missing and trying to solve them.Many families and children are devastated about the lost of a family member and at times most of the cases are not reported or not opened to investagtion.Many aboriginal groups are fighting against the rights they have in Canada and wish they would be taken seriously.An estimated 600 aboriginal women have gone missing over the past 20 years.There are many problems concerning non-aboriginal and aboriginal people since their is a large economic gap between both groups.A professor from a university of Arizona ( studies in human rights) says Canada needs to look more at the needs of aboriginal people to achieve progress.

My opinion from this article is that aboriginal people come to Canada for many reasons.It could be for business opportunity,get together with family or even starting a new life in a new country,Canada accepts many immigrants into its country and what kind of country are we if we cannot even take care or show some concern about our people.It doesnt matter if we are all different ethnicity,we are a family in the end and we must take care of each other. It doesnt matter if its an aboriginal woman or a non-aboriginal woman.When a person is missing it affect many people around that person regardless of their ethnicity therefore i say that government should take care of non-aboriginal woman first but to treat all cases of missing woman equally.We should create mesures to help out people in need and try to help our community inside our community.


This is an alarming topic that I had never heard of before! Missing people is a topic of interest to me as there are so many questions involved. A few years ago a local girl went missing while on a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. Since then, many lives have been affected by the loss and searches upon searches have taken place. She is still missing and each year a memorial is given and hundreds of people join to support the family. The toughest question is of course whether or not she is alive and well. The other tough question is where she could possibly be. I am sure these are common questions among all of the family and friends of any missing person, regardless of if they are aboriginal or not. It is scary that a country would have such an issue with missing peoples of any kind. I cannot imagine having a friend or especially family member go missing. It would probably feel worse than if they had just passed away since when they are missing no one can be sure where they are or if they are still alive. I wonder why there is such a difference between missing aboriginal women and non-aboriginal women and I wonder what the rates are among men and children as well. I appreciate the information of this article review and am interested in reading the article.

This topic is very interesting because I have never heard about it before. This is a very alarming issue that should be made more known. Like you stated, it does not matter what ethnic background you are. If someone goes missing, they deserve to be looked for no matter who they are. It is always a fear of mine that when I am working by myself or at a store by myself that I could be taken by someone, and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that if I lived in Canada and was an aboriginal that chances are nobody would really look for me.

I feel like this is an important topic that needs to be addressed because they were oppressed earlier in history in America and the fact that the Canadian government overlooks this problem is not okay. What is happening to these women and where are they going? The problem does not seem to be going away, 600 women in 20 years is a lot. The needs of the Aboriginal are just as important as the needs of the Canadians, they are people as well. I totally agree with you. Measures should be taken to better investigate the situations so that this stops happening. I can’t imagine being my mother, my aunt or even myself going missing and no one finding out what happened to us. It’s absolutely horrible.

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