Brazil Petrobras workers on strike over Libra oilfield auction

by mfortier on October 18, 2013 - 4:37pm


The article is about a strike ongoing in Brazil right now. The workers of the Libra oilfield are on strike because the Brazilian government is doing an auction for the sale of the oilfield. By selling this oilfield, the Brazilian oil workers won’t be allowed to exploit the area. There are seven companies taking place in the auction that will be held on the 21st of October. The Brazilian government said that the strike will not be cancelled even if the Petrobas workers go on strike. The oilfield on sale is about 230 km off the shore of Rio de Janeiro. The government estimates the volume in oil of the field to be about 7.9 barrels. After the government learned there would be a strike, they set up over 1000 troops of soldiers that will be present on Monday in front of the main hotel in Rio de Janeiro where the auction will take place.


I think it is normal for the oilfield worker to not agree with the decision the government made. If they don’t win the auction, the Petrobas Company will not be able to collect the oil in the area.  It seems that the government doesn’t care of the strike and is still organizing the auction. To me, I think that the government has the right to do whatever they want but it can be badly seen by the population if it goes too far.

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