Being afraid of the unknown?

by sab_hachem on September 14, 2013 - 2:49pm




Who knew that trying to achieve liberty could mean to give everything and even our identity? Economic is controlling our world because of different aspect but in the western civilization, trafficking women is a huge trade. Israel is one example among many countries that practices it.According to the New York Times magazine,each year, 1,500 women from Ukraine and Russia are deported. They leave their native country wishing to find better opportunities. It is not easy as it seems, specially when its about to find a shelter far from your own home. Entering a new world is the scariest thing because the unknown is facing you. Sadly for Russian and Ukrainian, the Islamism environment is not a welcoming place. Their papers and any kind of information of their identity disappear right away. They no longer belonged to themselves and became a property that could be sold on the market. Ironically, dancing on tables is the only way to survive. Not doing means to be beaten up or even raped. Their owner have no pity and treat them as objects. Refugees has only one right left: regretting to have left their homeland. Their old life is only a sad souvenir.


It is mind blowing to read an article and to realize how much women in other countries are suffering only to stay alive. They constantly live scared to be beat up to death or to end in horrible conditions ways. We don’t decide where we born, destiny does it for us but as a Canadian citizen, I feel blessed to be where I am; in a safe and reassuring place. My freedom is the reason to my personal development. If only, it could be the same to all humans in this world. To be free. With all this wars to protect human’s right, they are still horrible things going on. Human being doesn’t have a place on the market and yet its most valuable economy. 


The article that you have read and responded to is eye-opening, especially being a fellow woman it is shocking but also factual to the type of treatment women get in different countries. It is saddening knowing that there is not a lot of things that we can do for these women who are like us. But what if there was a way to make life better for them but also for the women that are in North American and all around the world. I believe that it is very important to get the word out about these types of situations and make it well-known throughout the world that this isn’t right.

I was drawn to your post because the title made me curious. After reading your post I had the same feelings you had. As an American woman I feel very lucky to have been born in a nation where women are treated with equality and respect. It is always saddening to hear about women in other countries like the ones you mentioned. It is terrifying to hear that each year many women are brought to other countries and sold for prostitution and stripping. However I was confused when you said that the women would choose to leave their countries in search of something better. When the women from Russia or the Ukraine go to Islam, is that when they are taken for trafficking? On another hand I really liked that you chose to post about this topic because it is something that needs to be talked about in order for change to happen.

I too was drawn to your post because of the title. I learned about human trafficking sadly through the movie Taken three years ago. I honestly felt sad that it took a movie to inform me of such an awful happening in the world. As your article states not only does it happen but sadly its seen as valuable to the economy in the countries that participating in human trafficking. Every time i read about human trafficking it only reminds me how blessed I am to be in the environment/country that I am in and that change needs to happen. It would be really great to add to your article whether or not there has been any efforts to educate people and make them aware of human trafficking.

Growing up, the trafficking of women was not a topic that was discussed often in my household. Since this sort of things did not come up often, I thought they just didn’t happen. But I do remember this one instant when my mom’s friend daughter went missing. Apparently she was kidnapped and they held her not too far from home in a basement, where she was forced to do things with men. This was hurt me so much because this girl could have been me, we were not that different in age and she literally lived five minutes from me. Another incident that sparked my experience with women trafficking was the watching of a documentary on Netflix. I can’t recall the title but it was based in a group home where young girls, around age 12, who were kidnapped into trafficking, were given a chance to get their lives together.
I think it is important that you addressed this because many people aren’t aware of how often it may happen in their own country, especially on the western hemisphere. We often fail to see these things because we are too involved in our own lives to realize that person’s elsewhere have it worst. It is awful that women worldwide still have to fear for their lives in a time when you would think the world was doing nothing but prospering. I think it would do you justice to look further into this in maybe Canada or the United States and contrast the idea of women trafficking on both sides of the continent, Western and Eastern Hemisphere.

This summary of this subject is very eye opening and interesting. I rarely if ever hear about women trafficking here in the U.S. One question that I have is why is women trafficking such an issue in many other countries but not here in U.S (and Canada)? As I start to think about this I wonder if the reduced level of women trafficking is due to our style of government and the way we run our country. I remember hearing about a man, a few years ago who had kidnapped and contained a couple of young women. He was holding them hostage for year and forcing them to have his children. The U.S legislative system was on top of the case immediately and the man was arrested and jailed. In other countries this happens on a daily basis and is just a part of life for the people living in those areas. It's scary to imagine how different life would truly be if we had to faces fears like those.

I also too feel blessed to live in such a safe place. People in western civilization( including myself) have no real idea of how troubling life can be in other countries. Going about their daily lives is a battle between life and death.

Honestly this article makes me sick to my stomach. In the US we are being taught as women and teenagers that we have SO many rights, practically equal to men. I do not agree at all with human trafficking and think it needs to come to a complete stop. It's disgusting and I do not know how people live by treating actual human beings that way on a daily bases. If I could help even just one woman who is suffering from this life style I would. I wish there was a way to help these women around the world and show them all the potential they have. It really is saddening to know our world has events like this going on on a daily bases and no one can even try to change it.

This post really is gut wrenching, and being a girl also makes it more real, just knowing how society still to this day even in America look down on women. It makes me so angry how many times women are look down upon just because they are women. They get lower wages, fewer opportunities and many other objectives, which make women seen inferior to men. But in reality, women are just as capable as men, both men and women may be more capable at certain tasks, but everyone should be equal. The sex trafficking is horrible because that is the last resort for some of there women, they just want to make something of themselves and this is what they are forced to do.

This article is mentally overwhelming and hard to take in. These women from Ukraine and Russia leave their homelands in order to secure a job and better life but unfortunately these women end up in jobs of prostitution. This article had great points and revealed a problem that is to often overlooked. To further the points of this article I would include that the media and magazines also objectify women. Magazines such as playboy have pictures of women in revealing clothing. It is hard to think that girls in my age group are forced to do things that they are not comfortable with. This article was not only eye-opening to the harsh reality of social practices in other countries, but also made me grateful for the life that I am blessed with.

In my opinion, living in a more developed country, like the United States, Canada and etc. we tend to take for granted many things. After the feminist movement in the United States, things were looking at lot better for women; they were starting to work and they did not have the title ‘stay at home moms.’ We tend to think, or I tend to think, that all women around the world have these basic rights. But the sad truth of it is that is completely false. Reading this article made me remember a New York Times article I read about a brutal gang rape in India.
The most bizarre fact was that cops in India normally don’t side with the women. They just assume women were asking for it. It’s ludicrous to even contemplate the fact that women flee their home country to avoid persecution and to get basic rights that they were deprived of in their country. After reading this article, it opened my eyes to the world around us. We tend to take advantage of so many things without realizing it. There is a bigger world out there and it’s not like our own. In other countries, women are sold, raped, beaten up, used for sex and etc. After reading this, I should be more thankful and appreciative for what I have.

This issue is a very sad one because here in the United States and other countries who have rights for women, it is not often that we seriously consider the severity of the treatment of women in other countries. Many people have heard the stories of women being taken and forced into sex slavery and other similar markets, but I never considered the fact that some women went in search of a better life and ended up worse off. It is heart-breaking to think that there are currently women somewhere in the world who are being forced to do things such as prostitution, and there is nothing at all that we can do to help.
Having knowledge about the feminist movement in America that eventually earned women equal rights makes me consider the fact that women are historically viewed as lesser to men. It is tragic that in the modern day world we have not yet reached a point where all people are treated equally. Being in America now as a young woman I will never have to worry about having my rights taken away from me simply due to my geographic location, if I moved overseas my story would be completely different. Your article’s title was what drew me in to read it, but once I read it I knew exactly what you meant. Your article was well done and i completely agree with all of your main points.

This article opened up my eyes to what goes on in these other countries. I agree that freedom should be a given world wide. Everyone should be given equal rights and have a say in their community. I don't understand how people can just stand by and watch women being trafficked, abused, or raped. The thought of the situation sickens me. I pray that one day things change in those other countries.

One should refrain from being closed minded on what is occurring out in the other countries around the world. If it's not happening in your country, there will always be a chance it is occurring in another and in this case this is the situation. Due to the different morals and aspects each culture withholds, it is difficult to say what is wrong and what is right because they have different beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong. Personally, I believe what is happening to these women is sickening at the highest point knowing what took place here in the United States of America. This allows people to open their eyes to realize what is going on around the world. Not only, was this article very much eye opening but it was also a moment where one can reflect on how their specific life is now and should remain grateful on what you have rather that dwell on it.

I really liked what you were saying about destiny and feeling blessed to be where you are. It's something I think about almost every day. How my biggest concern waking up in the morning is just waking up in time for my 8am classes. But some people, like women in Pakistan, have to worry about even going to school. I read an article once about how women in Pakistan were attacked, with acid, by the Taliban just for going to school. I put a link to the article at the bottom of this. It almost makes me feel bad about myself because of how much I take for granted. I think I have it rough getting up at 7:30 every day, but some people would do this under the threat of death.
Another thing that I thought of when I read your post was a quote from a book by Stephen Chbosky. The book is called "the perks of being a wallflower." The main character says in one part that "we can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where to go from there and we can be okay with it." That's another thing that I just like to think about that I think deals with your article and some of the freedoms that we have that we might take for granted, like the freedom to make something better of our lives. Some of those people don't even have that option.

Reading your article was eye-opening, I had no idea of the hardships that women in other countries have to face. I guess sometimes we in the US take for grated the freedom and equal treatment we have, it's hard to understand or even imagine what it must be like for these woman. I can't even begin to express how wrong I feel trafficking and abusing women is and I strongly wish it would come to an end.

Reading your article was eye-opening, I had no idea of the hardships that women in other countries have to face. I guess sometimes we in the US take for grated the freedom and equal treatment we have, it's hard to understand or even imagine what it must be like for these woman. I can't even begin to express how wrong I feel trafficking and abusing women is and I strongly wish it would come to an end.

This article shocked me very much to see how women in other country have it bad and many people are not aware of this. We are told stories of how many people around the world have different cultures, believes, live styles, and living condition but you never imagine how bad it really is. When I see the difference between them and I, I am thankful for what I have.

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