The Shoreline Project

by India-Lynn on December 4, 2017 - 10:33pm

1) I already knew that climate change had so many devastating effects on our planet and especially those living on coastlines, but I never knew about any of the improvemnents and positive changes people are trying to make to curb the quickly worsening state of our planet. One video that really stood out to me on the website centered around an artist who is working in the Florida Keys. He made it the goal of his art to not obsure and disrupt nature when making a dock for example, but to intergrate local flora into his designs, so the once normal dock would become a 'living dock' and would have the ability to filter water and be home to many local plants and animals. Although the website depicted many bleak realities that come with climate change, there were some optimistic outlooks as well.


a)The Atlas shows a map of planet Earth, with small blue dots and yellow dots, and lines connecting everything together. The blue dots once clicked on show the effect climate change is having in that certain area on Earth, and the yellow dots show the locations of all those interviewed and featured in this project.

b)The data contained in The Atlas wants to show the viewer that climate change happens in all places around the globe, and that its an important global issue that we must all help to curb.

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