The Shore Line Project Assignment

by Kelvin on December 7, 2017 - 1:25am


One thing that I now know about climate change that I did not know before visiting the Shoreline Project website is that climate change doesn’t just affect the land and the temperature as it also critically affects sea life. As you might have guessed, I previously had very limited knowledge on climate change. However, the Shoreline Project was able to open my eyes to the bigger picture. For example, I’ve learned that climate change was affecting the pH of the ocean, leading to the demise of certain shellfish. Ocean acidification is caused by the burning of fossil fuels that increase the atmospheric concentration of CO2 which in turn ends up quickly increasing the CO2 concentration in the sea water, killing shellfish larvae before they can even reach maturity.



a) The Atlas is a segment of the Shoreline Project web-documentary that presents us with a world map we can interact with. On this map, small blue dots and small yellow heads are connected by a system of intertwining lines. We can freely navigate around the Atlas by using our mouse. When a blue circle is clicked, information involving the effects of climate change in that area becomes available in a drop-down window. The yellow head icons seem to show the locations of all those who were interviewed for the web-documentary. There is also a legend up in the corner which provides some information on mangrove forests, the coastal population density, and the wetlands.   


b)  I believe that the data provided by the Atlas tell a story in itself. It tells us about all the harm climate change caused all around the globe. The lines that link the dots together seem to represent the destructive path of climate change. These lines also link together all the affected people, telling us that we are all in this fight together.              


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