The Shore Line Project

by chloel on December 3, 2017 - 10:10am

  1. One thing that I did not know before engaging in this site is that coral reefs all over the world are in danger of going extinct. Climate change is causing bleaching coral reefs, creating a lack of food, and bringing infections and diseases upon the coral reefs. I was aware that climate change was devastating a lot of plant and ocean life, but it never occurred to me that the coral reefs were being affected. The second video of six called “Future of Coral Reefs” in the “Living Shorelines” chapter explains why coral reefs are dying around the world and more specifically the threats that the coral reefs in the Andamen Islands are facing.
  2. The Atlas section of the website is filled with lines spanning the entire world. There are also little blue and yellow dots in specific parts of the world. This section took me a while to figure out. The blue dots each have the name of a city beside them and when clicked the map zooms in and gives the viewer a description of a problem or threat that region of the world has. On the other hand, when the yellow dots are clicked some of the lines that span across the world light up in yellow. I still haven’t figured out why. The data presented through the Atlas tells a story of its own. By this I mean that when you click the dots, a story, a blurb, about the city in question which gives the viewer more information about the specific place. Also, the options bar at the top adds more info to the world climate change situation. The main reason the Atlas can be considered a story in itself is because each of the blurb bubbles that pop up have videos the viewer can watch to get extra information. 

Chloé Laurendeau

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