Representation of men and women in Tv, 1950,2000

by Alain on October 16, 2017 - 12:03pm

1) Identify 3 television shows to explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted since the early days of TV(1950-200).

1.Father Knows Best

2. Leave it to Beaver

3. The Andy Griffin Show


2) What was unique about Archie's character in 'All in the Family'.


Archie is  the reasons why People loved this show, he's also why some might have hated it. His character is that of an extremely judgemental and arrogant being, who thinks he's above anyone he comes in contact with. His role of being a dad however, was probably reciprocal to reality in the 70s. He set the rythme of the entire show and it's almost unimaginable watching an Episoe of 'All in the Family' without him.

3) Identify 3 television shows to describe how women have been depicted since the early days of TV.

1. I Love Lucy

2.The Mary Tyler Moore Show

3. Roseanne


4) How was the "ideal" woman represented over time on TV? How and why did the representation change?


Television's early woman was a very confined,  obedient and home loving housewife. She was seen to be the compassionate and supportive mother, who cared solely about: her husband, house and family. She would stay home, mother her kids and take care of the house while the husband was work. Her representation was overlooked until years within the late 80s-2000s. Now, her image is a lot more prudent: She's capable of, not just being a mother and taking care of the house and family as a whole--but she can hold any job, make her own money, chase her dreams and be as independent as any man. She demands equal treatment and shall fight for her rights to be initiated into practice.