Are you your aesthetic?

by taniacdc on October 25, 2017 - 10:09pm

I think I am. I would describe my aesthetic as versatile because it is always changing just like myself. My ideals, of what looks good, are always changing because of everything I see on the news and on TV. For sure, I try not to be influence by that but really, who can? We all try to be different from others but isn’t that what this decade is all about… Being different? So yes, I try to be different. I see all those women out there trying so hard to ‘look good’ but if ‘looking good’ means suffering, like wearing heals for example, and spending hours in front of a mirror then I don’t want to look good. Of course, I do sometimes because it boosts up my confidence but usually I try not to care so much. Comfortable is what I go for these days, but tomorrow it could be something completely different. I always like to try new styles to see which fits my personality the best, but it’s like I see a little bit of myself in each of them. That’s why I'm more into the whole comfy vibe right now and most days. It’s simple, cozy, and it feels just like home : the place where I feel the most like myself. To conclude, that is why I think my aesthetic is versatile, because I can wear any style of clothes I want and still feel like myself in all of them.

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