Are You Your Aesthetic?

by rosemarie_laporte on October 30, 2017 - 11:38am

I believe it is an erroneous concept to think that one's mindset can't be entirely reflected through his aesthetic, as there are multiple factors converging into what will make you who you are. However, one's aesthetic can give an idea of what are this person's beliefs and/or what are her traits of character. 

Let me enlighten you by sharing my personal experiences; as a girl who hasn't reached her adult years yet and who is still searching for herself, I often try new styles, try to get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, when I hang out with friends or on special occasions, I will put real efforts into my appearance and try to bring out my best features. This said, the glamorous style I adopt for these particular types of events only reflect one side of my personality; it reflects the perfectionnist, audacious but still conscious-of-what-people-will-think-of-me part of me. Another example; I have these flowy linen pants made in Nepal, striped with various colors and the perfect representation of the "hipster" style. I once wore these pants to school and the reactions I got were very mixed, as I got compliments and do-you-think-you're-in-woodstock-you-boho looks. Now, I imagine these people thought they grasped the essence of who I was in a single gaze. They would think I was a "hipster", a feminist maybe, who had a rebellious side and whose only ambition was to do a road trip to get away of that "materialistic society of ours". Now, I don't have have anything against roadtrips and being seen as a free-minded person who fights for gender equality, because this is another well present part of me. But to be reduced to these only characteristics is quite frustrating, as I would want others to see me as a whole, with my flaws and qualities and not just as a hipster or a glamourous girl. 

Thus, this is why I think that only a glimpse of one's mind-set and personality can be viewed through his aesthetic, and that it takes time and effort to really know someone, not just a quick and meaningless glance.




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