by astarnino on March 17, 2013 - 4:36pm

I didn't have any idea of a brand new products or services so; I prefer using a service which already exists. I'll open a bar where you’ll find the biggest varieties of Quebecer’s micro breweries. It will be filled by recycled furniture and majority of the stock will be environmentally friendly. This kind of business will help Quebec's economy and will encourage the local beer producers. It'll also offer some specialized products as the BSG beer; it is made gluten free so people with health problem can enjoy freely their drink. The bar will also be a micro brewery, where all the raw material comes from farmhouses where none of the workers is exploited. The bar is an ethical business, because all employees are treated fairly and respectfully. The company will have its own ethical code to make sure everybody understands what their works is and how to do it.



You wrote: are treated fairly and respectfully. The company will have its own ethical code ...

Feedback: Three successive sentences begin with the same word. Reword the sentence or use a thesaurus to find a synonym.

This time, I think I made less mistakes than my previous posts.

Hi Anne,
I really like your idea. I think I'll go a lot of time if it'll exist. Showing people the local beer would be very good for Quebec!

It is a very good idea that you have. I love beer and one more bar can only be a good thing. Making this is a good idea. I think already pretty much every bottle of beer are made from recycled glass, but you could use cups that can be recycled, because the one they serve you do not look like recyclable ones. The problem really is that there is a lot of competition and it costs a lot. The idea of the gluten free beer is good, what would be even being is to produce it yourself. People would love this beer if it tasted like good beer. What we now have on the market isn’t great, but some people are getting fat because of “abusive” use of alcohol and it really gives an ugly tummy. If ever this project works give me a sign and I will be honored to taste what you’ve got.  





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