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My idea of a clothing product made with recycled materials. My goal is to offer quality products made in Quebec and adapted to my clients. Customers will be able to choose the color, style, fabric, for the product is the most with their image possible. So, my products are made for women who love eco-friendly products. Clothes are sold at a good price, so the price is affordable. My proposal is ethical because it responds to a set of environmental and social criteria. We need help of Dragons, to create more publicity for our products to attract potential new customers.


Hi pitou22 !
I believe, your idea of eco-friendly clothing is great. We need to take care of our environment and by choosing clothes that are that respond to a set of environmental and social criteria, we can help. Also, those pieces of clothing are usually expensive, so if you can find a way to reduce the price, I am pretty sure people will choose the environmental option. To resume, it is a good idea to produce in Quebec and to make people choose what they want. I hope Dragons will help you as you wish.

I think you have a great idea. I am a woman and I love the way we can choose the color, style, and fabric, for the product. Your invention is really ingenious because everything is ecologic. Everybody should think like you, because it will save the future of our earth!!  I actually wait to have some of your product if the dragons choose you :) 

As a girl, I think your product idea is great but I think your proposal is lacking important elements (Price level, what makes your products eco-friendly.. etc) .  What is it that sets your idea apart from other clothing companies creating quality eco-friendly products? In Quebec, countless companies such as Ecocentrik Apparel and Lilikoi also make it their mission to create stylish, recycled and eco-friendly clothing. How can your company offer something new?

Good idea

I think your idea of customized t-shirt for women is very interesting. I feel as if you’ve overlooked some aspects of the business though. I wonder how you will take orders, online or by hand, if you will have a store front. And when it comes to producing clothes, the cheapest way to do so is mass production. By customizing every t-shirt to different demands it will be hard to break-even. Nonetheless your idea is very good, eco-friendly clothes are emerging across the world because people care about the environment more and more. I feel like your idea is very well founded but needs a little refinement.

I am glad that you are choosing to create a product that is very environmentally friendly. Most companies these days do not care about the environment, thus they create multiple problems concerning the Earth. You mention your target audience; however, you cannot just ask the Dragons for their help without a plan. For example, where will you be getting these recycled materials? Are they used clothes that are resold or are the clothes going to be formatted to create new clothes? Will it cost anything to get these fabrics? How much will the clothes cost? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. Also, you must have an idea of how you would like to market this product. You can ask the Dragons for their aid, but it’s better to be well informed and know your numbers.

Another company that has a lot of impact on the environment is “Ten Tree”. They create clothing, like you, but instead of using recycled material, they make sure the clothes are being made responsibly. Meaning, there are no sweat shops.  What makes this company environmentally friendly is the fact that every time someone purchases one of their products, ten trees are planted. They plant trees all over the world. For example, they have planted trees in Haiti, India, Sengal, etc. An important aspect to note is that they were on Dragons’ Den and got a deal. You should really check out the website, they have done multiple events and it may just give you an idea on what you should do for your product.

In my opinion, your proposal of this new product plan is an awesome idea ! It’s a good way to re-use the things people don’t need anymore and make new things which are eco-friendly. Also, there is a news article on ‘’The Daily Green’’ web page that promotes dresses made from recycled material, you should read it, maybe it will give you more ideas to add on your project. Here is the link ;

Your post was particularly interesting and I believe that creating such a product would be very advantageous to our environment. The products will be very appealing to the customers, viewing that they will be homemade in Quebec. In addition, this type of product will be very attractive to people who are eco-friendly, since clothes is an absolute necessity and its production has many negative impacts on our environment. Certain issues that you may be overlooking in your suggestion include the sensitization of the population who aren’t familiar with the impacts of clothing production on the environment. Moreover, you should consider informing customers who are concerned with the respect of major labour laws on the means of your production. I think it would be important for a company based on ecological values to pay their employees in respect to labour laws. When reading more about this issue, I found an interesting article about popular fashion retailers who have been accused of violating labour laws by the underpayment of their workers last year. You may want to consider this article as you continue the creation of your socially-conscious product.


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