by loup jr on March 17, 2013 - 9:17pm

My idea is to create environmental pairs of shoes. These shoes should be ethical because are created in Canada. They encourage the local business. They don’t exploit the young people in Canada. These shoes are made with recycled things.  On the top of these shoes, it has little bit of rocks that provide from Quebec. The price will be approachable for allowed everybody to buy it. I need your help for subvention my business. Start business in Canada is more difficult than starts business in the U.S.A. I think is a good idea because this project will help to show that in Quebec we can made beautiful and recycled product.


When writting any piece try to include an interesting title that will catch your readers attention. The same goes for your product name. Include a captivating product name that stands out and attracts your buyer. When designing a product its important to single out a target audience.

I completely agree that this product should be made from recycled goods, but it makes me question the quality of the shoe. Will it be a running shoe? An athletic shoe(soccer,football,basketball)? As for starting a business in Canada be ready to not make huge profits since your product is made here where workers have a minimum wage. You'll be sacrificing profits for an ethical product which i agree with completely. Another thing with your target audience, will you focus on boys/girls, or men/women. A target audience is key in advertising your product.

Here is a link to  a product that is called Adidas: all day i dream about sneakers,created by Dimitri Kalagas. you should look at the picture of the shoe that incorporates the environment. It would be a good advertising idea.

Your product is interesting, but you have to consider different things. From whom you will get the subvention? Government? Other businesses? In fact, if you decide to get subvention from other businesses that want to make a deal with you, you will have to pay a determined percentage of your annual revenue (or shares…). This is how it woks. It will already cost you a huge amount of money to make the product in Canada. If you add the amount of money that you will give in order to receive and investment the product would be too expensive, and you will not be able to sell it in Canada, or Quebec. Also, clothing market is tough in Canada; few made it and are successful. If you want to succeed, you have to be creative and go out of the group. I am not sure if the rocks on top of your shoes are a great way to be different. However, good luck.

Also, look at it because this could be helpful. This is a good model:

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