Ethical Business

by loup jr on February 17, 2013 - 8:12pm


My name is Sarah and I’m 19 years old. Now I’m studding at «Vieux-Montréal» College. It’s my second year there. I have another year to complete my technic in the Business Management. After my program, I want to study in HEC University. I live on the South Shore of Montréal. Also, I work part time at Subway.

I choose to read the The path to 100% renewables in the Corporate Knights. I decide to choose this article because it looks interesting to me. I share to you the link of this article:

The term ‘Ethical Business’ has many definition, it depends how you use it. Ethical business is defined by the way a business behaves in its day to day operation. The enterprise must protect the environment and put in place some action plan to reduce pollution of the atmosphere. A responsible and ethical business must respect the people, pays its fair share of income taxes, not exploit children and properly pay its employees. The company must behave like a honest citizen.

Mark Ruffalo, actor in the Avengers movie, started a project with those other people which is: Mark Jacobson, Marco Krapels. This project consisted to reduce air pollution because a lot of people death each year because of this. This project respects the norms of my definition of Ethical Business because has I said earlier an «Ethical Business» must protect the environment. Also, the three men invested our money they won over the years they work for what they studding for, this is not money that comes from everywhere or everyone.


I noticed that I have problem with the verb conjugation. Also, I noted that I have problem with the sentence structure mostly because I built my text in French and translate it in English after.

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