Earth lab

by minou22 on March 15, 2013 - 11:29am

The products Earth lab cosmetics propose are a new thing in the cosmetics industry. There is an important market for ethical cosmetics because women are tired to deal with clogging pores or irritated skin from wearing their makeup. As well, in our society, people tend to care about animal rights and ecology. This company propose cosmetics that are animal friendly, people friendly, and friendly to our environment. Most of their products are 100% vegan, it contains no animal products and nothing is tested on animals. Also, those products are non-toxic and contains no harmful ingredients for humans. Everything is made only from natural ingredients. They contain no artificial colors, flavors, chemical preservatives or synthetic ingredients.  Earth lab cosmetics is a Canadian company. They are selling everywhere with their website, they have retail locations all around Canada and two distributors, one in Australia and another one in United States. To grow, they need the help of a dragon. They would like to have more retails location and create some promotion.


I corrected my mistakes with Word and Virtual writing tutor.

I forgot my capitals on Canada, Canadian, United States and Australia.

I need to search for synonyms, I tend to write ''also'' when I start a sentence. I tried to change, I used ''as well''.

Non-toxic, I wrote it without a dash : non toxic.

If your product is accepted by the Dragon's, it’s sure I buy it. It’s hard to find a good and environmental product today especially in cosmetic. I hope the price of yours business isn’t expensive. Are you sure, your product is 100% vegan, because you import by the other country.

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