Cirque du Soleil

by pug lepogo on March 3, 2013 - 10:15pm

I choose Cirque du Soleil, because I think that is interesting to talk about a company who belong at Montreal. They are entertaining and have a lot of creative. Here are eight types’ characteristics that define what we are all about; acrobatic performance, acting, art forms from around the world, imaginary worlds, daring, dance, dexterity and grace. Cirque du Soleil is a special business even their website is very bright like they are.The owner of this company is famous because he is the creator of this big empire: Guy Laliberté.  Also, he became the first tourists who visit the space. This company is very special and unique. I think the Cirque du Soleil respect all about ethical business because they are professional. The corporate respect the social responsibility. Ethical business is when actions of firms affect the public and the Cirque du Soleil is it. They are an international company and the public love so much the firm. Everybody knows what this company is. The Cirque du Soleil has some different show all around the world.  They have efficacy method to work. They are very discipline and this is very important when you are a big company. This corporate have a good reputation. They logo represent his well, a special sun extravagant. Therefore, is for they much reasons I think the Cirque du Soleil have ethical business and they are a model.         


Alexandra, check your grammar! There are some simple errors that I'm sure Virtual Writing Tutor or even Word would catch. Try to process your information and not just repeat what you read in your own words. Does a glitzy appearance really mean that a company is ethical?

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