by pug lepogo on March 18, 2013 - 12:10am

I decide to invent a service.  My invention is very simple. I will prepare the entire menu of the week  for the people and I will do the grocery for my clients. The only thing they will do is to prepare the dishes. They have also the chose to have a cook for them. We prepare lunch and dinner.  When the clients decide to have this service, they will have a discount for it. This service will be interesting for people who don’t have time in life or to save more time. I will offer specifically my product to family who want to save some time. I think this service will help people who dislike cook.


I find your service is a good idea. For people who have a busy schedule it can be very useful. As a matter of fact, I would become a customer because between going to school, working two jobs, training five times a week and studying it becomes very hard and exhausting to always have to cook three meals per day on top of having to find the time to go do my grocery's. Also, it makes it even more interesting that your service offers your clients to do their grocery's because at one point, people run out of ideas on what to eat. They end up always making the same things and after a while get so sick of it. So, I find it would create a good variety on the menu and would make people save time that they don't necessarily have. I am curious to know how much would this service cost and what exactly would be included in the price? 

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