The road to success!

by jasmined on February 24, 2013 - 4:16pm

At first, I had no idea towards which field of study to go for because I did not know what I wanted to do as a living. I thought wisely and figured that I should choose a program that would be useful in life no matter what domain I would make a career in. Assuming that I am a person who has good leadership, who is comfortable at making critical decisions and has no problem  working with others, I figured, why not begin with Business Administration? This program touches many areas of specialization like Marketing, Management, Finance, Information Technology, International Business etc. So no matter what branch it may lead me to I know it will be very interesting and challenging. A lot of people assume that this field of study is for students who want to develop and run their own business but that is not the case. This degree provides many other positions. In fact, my main goal is to be a sales representative. I am not sure for what product and for which company but I would mostly want it to be a product that is sold internationally. This field opens an untold number of employment opportunities in the public and private sectors. Also, one of the most important advantages to obtain a Business Administration degree would be that it is a growing field. It also gives the chance to travel and accumulate a lot of knowledge in economy. Our generation has the current opportunity considering job openings and advanced technologies making business even bigger. Accordingly, retirements as a share of job openings will rise steadily over the forecast period, reaching almost 80% by 2015"1. Business is everywhere and it makes it a challenging and rewarding choice. I am convinced that I made the right choice and that I will succeed in something I really like! (page 10)


I took my time writting my text making sure that it was well structured. Rarely I happen to think in french to compose a phrase so the sense is not exacly good but when I revise my text I see it right a way. For the rest, everything went well and I did not make any big vocabulary errors from what I can see. 

Hi Jasmine,

There were a few minor vocabulary errors and some commas missed, but in general, there were no big mistakes. You probably could divide this text into three paragraphs. It needs to give the reader an idea of which thoughts you consider important and which ones are secondary. Remember the word 'writing' in your comment only takes one 't'. You've confused it with the past participle 'written'. No one ever said languages were logical!

The idea that you chose your program according to your psychological profile is logical, yet only a few people do it. Most people tend to decide what they plan on doing for the rest of their lives when they can barely choose what to do the same evening. Deciding on a program by how it fits to your personality is genius! I believe it is the main axis for the career adviser, or so that is the one mine used, and I have to say, until now it has worked great. Our program indeed offers a lot of outcomes, and I wish our teachers would teach a bit more about what we can do after those three years. An ocean of possibilities is ahead of us but most of us are not even aware of it. I believe it is a great program to learn how everything around us works; because the business scheme we study can be applied is so many different spheres of our lives!

At first, I’ve clicked on your post because I thought it was mine… We kind of have the same title or almost (the road to success / choices to success), but I’m glad I clicked because your post was so good.

I love the fact that you mention the program as one offering a lot of opening with different areas of specialization. Furthermore, I’m glad to see that not everyone is in that program to run a business! 

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