Industry and Market Analysis

by jasmined on April 22, 2013 - 3:27pm

Market share information

We are not a monopoly because there are many other similar bars in Montreal. Although, the competition does not really affect us because of our unique concept as well as our products which are very well innovated.  In fact, all of our local beer recipes are protected by a copyright.

Potential customer profile

In perspective of all facts that entail our bar concept, we will mostly find adults between the age of eighteen and fifty years old. The majority of our customers will be those who like local products and who want to encourage them. Of course, the people that are the most attracted are those who love to discover our different beer types.

Also, if you want to enjoy having a beer in a friendly bar, most people come along with a group of friends and others with only one or two. It is specifically those who want to socialise along with a great music background.  

Estimate of potential profile

The image that we want to provide to the public is one of an ideal environment which is also eco-friendly. It includes dynamic bartenders, friendly people and a cozy atmosphere. Also, we offer great deals on our Quebec products. We have a large variety of beer GFB beer. (gluten free beer)

Location in relation to marketing

The bar is on Mont-Royal Street. It is located in a very active area where there are other bars nearby. We distinguish ourselves of the other bars because of the atmosphere, our beer quality and variety.

Also our goal is to attract people from the neighborhood to get to know better our bar concept, then spread our name to the rest of the island of Montreal. Progressively, we also hope to tempt people from the South and North shores. Being among many loud bars that are great places to dance advantages us to attract potential clients who want a more quiet and cozy bar.

Competitor’s information pricing

In general, the competitors’  prices vary between 5$ to 8$ per glass. As for the pitchers, prices are between 10$ and 25$.

Determination of pricing

Our drink prices are higher than the competitors because they come from local and ecological producers. It makes the method of production very expensive so, we have no choice to be a little bit more pricy than anywhere else. Of course, we assure you all the best beer quality and taste in town.

Guaranteed, "The money is worth it!" 

Advertising and promotion information

Every Thursday night, we will have happy hours from 4 am to 8 pm. On Wednesdays and Fridays there will be student nights. These specific days include a two for one on beer only.

Also, four times per year we will have a beer-tasting event. A cover of 30 dollars will be charged at the door. On your birthday, with an ID proof we give a huge beer buck made of glass. The first glass is on the house. You choose the kind of beer that you want and the glass is yours.

To have more interaction in our bar, we will have events such as music shows and stand-up shows. Reservations are also possible to book.

To start, we will offer our promotions on discount websites such as, and many others. We have our own website and we are present in all the Montreal festivals. We have our own beer stand.