Bombardier Inc.

by jasmined on March 4, 2013 - 10:48am

As asked in our homework, we need to choose a Canadian company and explain our point of view on their code of ethics. Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian company who offers manufacturing, engineering and service facilities in 25 countries. I chose this business because I have always been fascinated by the way they succeed worldwide. They are the world's only manufacturer of planes and trains. I heard about Bombardier by my oldest friend's cousin since she has been working there for over five years, so to be able to give my opinion about if I consider this business is ethical, I went on their website and read into their code of ethics and business conduct. Obviously, this company is not a place where people stop by to sit and have a coffee. Definitely, it is more difficult to evaluate and have a proper opinion on if they really respect their code of ethics.

However, from what I can see, the content, the structure and their mission seems very strong and respected. It is very important for Bombardier to encourage their staff and to keep them motivated and focused. They have several programs to recognize and reward employees who contribute to their companies innovation, continuous improvement and success. Like they mentioned on their website, the ideas of their employees literally drives the evolution of mobility around the globe. They put a lot of concentration on their workers and I believe that the way they do it creates a very good and fair environment inside the company. In contrast, if we take a look on their external objectives, they grant a huge importance to our planet. Presently, Bombardier Inc. is continuously decreasing the amount of natural resources such as water, energy and raw materials used in our production processes, switching to recyclable materials where it is possible etc. To achieve these goals, they have settled realistic targets and developed concrete initiatives such as the Bombardier Green Fund. Actually, we do have big environmental issues and companies like Bombardier Inc. are aware of the situation and they make the efforts to try and make a difference. These goals reflect a good image of their company and for these reasons, I do think that Bombardier is an ethical business. Unlike most businesses, their logo does not exactly reflect the companies ethical orientation. It is a very simple black writing of their name: Bombardier. 

Personally, I find they are taking good initiatives and that they are establishing a solid moral thought towards the populations future. Also the company seems to have a proper guideline between good and bad and maintains a balance between legal and moral business practices. As a matter of fact, it is not for no reason that Bombardier Inc. is the world's only manufacturer of planes and trains!



I copy/paste my text in "Virtual writing tutor" to see what they thought of my grammar: they suggested me to use different terms instead of "think"  (believe, consider, assume, imagine, judge etc.) Also, it made me realise certain words that I did not spell right and proposed certain sentences in a different order of what I had written originally.